Would you be ok with your S.O moving in with their bestie of the opposite sex that they once wanted a relationship with, wanted sexually and was attracted to physically?

Would it make you feel uncomfortable if your significant other was living with their best friend of the opposite sex, who in the beginning, they were attracted to sexually, wanted to get with romantically yet have been best friends for years now?

Who's got a big dick to tear my booty up?

For the ladies, during sex when I’m about to cum where would you like me to cum on you?

in a mmf 3some, what is the kinkiest thing you can do?

Please check out my photo gallery to answer whether I appear to be cocky little shit

Can I be your bitch on the low

A lot of women on this site are calling me by these different names. Which one of these names sound best for me?

Where would you like to cum with me

How would you like to have sex with me?

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