Hiring but need investors/benefactors

Date: Jul 15, 2012 at 7:12am
Posted by: ddesirabledon
Gender: Male
Category: Biz Opportunities
Location: All Surrounding NYC areas (including SI), New York, United States

 Hey my name is sincere &I'm currently looking for women (i have a cuple of males already) that is interested & would like to in the adult industry. I dont discriminate(18-80 blind crippled of crazy) as long as your of legal age theres a position for you. I'm currently establishing my own escort company/website as well as an adult film/dvd company & I'm looking for talent(once again males once my business is growin I will hire more male talent).Only serious inquiries apply. TAkin any shape,race,age( as long as your 18) to work wit . Anyone seeing this in other areas or states only contact me if your serious & willing to travel to be successful. NOw for tha benefactors it doesnt matta where your located if you support the cause & would like to help I have a paypal acct set up & u can donate any monies to that acct just contact me via tex & I will give you the information that you need. My # is 646 479 2747(preferably tex) with your name,Age,location, do/donts if you decide to persue a career in adult film making & that yuo were interested in my offer also that u got my contact info from here. ONly serious people who love havin sex who want to b apart of this world or just newly experienced & would like to try it out. You can also e-mail me @: sincere120@gmail.com. they say simplicity is tha key to life & punctuality is tha key to success. I hope to be successful & all those that are interested I promise to make u successful as well