Sextacy Party

Date: Jul 5, 2012 at 10:14am
Posted by: SextacyParties
Gender: Male
Category: Other
Location: Pittsburgh,PA, Pennsylvania, United States

Sex Should Never Be Taboo

my name Micheal and am a Ex-Porn Star who moved to Pittsburgh after I retired. I was born here and glad to be back. I throw Sextacy Orgy Parties every month. I call it "Sextacy" becasue Orgy Parties equals Sex and Extascy to the max: Sextacy. Ahmm Good.

Our Parties are called: Sextacy Orgy Parties
"When in Rome Do as the Romans Do" is our motto. In Romen Times orgies took place on a regular basis. To them orgies were scared and natural becasue sexuality is part of who we are as human beings. It is in our human nature to desire and feel lust and seek pleasure. We all have a wild side in us, that is waiting to be releashed. What are you waiting for aren't you curious OR do you already know you are a sensual sexual being who is open to mutiple lovers? An orgy is like a love for all. Everyone loves on everyone. It's people making other people feel good.

We encourage you to play dress up, come wearing what ever you feel lead ( it will end up on floor anyway ). You can be somebody eles for a few hours. Everyone has a right to live free, and be true to themselves.

If your a naturally sexual sensual person and open to exploration we will accpet you and invite you into our world.
Our parties aren't for everyone. You have to figure out on your own if you would be ok with watching other people have sex and have people watching you have sex. We party listen to music and do as we are lead- naturally.
Don't feel guilty anymore about your true nature and secret desires. Come NOW to a Sextacy Orgy Party.

"Where the naughty in you is embraced & released"