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  • Has anyone ever acually hooked up with someone that they've met on this site?

  • Best Phone Sex Fantasy?

  • What do you want to do with me??

  • I FUCKING LOVE big Dicks, How many inches do you have? DONT LIE EITHER!

  • ladies if a man was honest and told you he was married/ had a girlfriend and was just looking to fuck would let him?

  • (Ladies) We are in my bed under my covers, I'm on top, your hot thighs spread (Fucking Raw) while I Pump juices hard n' fast from your moist pussy. You feel my thick Dick throbbing and pulsating inside you, Your moaning

  • Where would you like me to cum?

  • (Ladies)When you look at my face, you think I'm.....

  • how do u like i take u

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