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  • WOMEN ONLY!!! Would u rather??????

  • (women only) your roommate introduces me to you and you just happened to notice that my cock is bulging out of my pants what would you do

  • If I was your neighbor and you saw me getting undressed through my window, what would you do?

  • Has modeling (erotic and/or otherwise) ever been an interest to the ladies of AS?

  • (women only) you hear moaning and banging on the other side of your wall you walk over knock and I'm standing there sweaty and naked what do you do

  • (women only) if I you were visiting you roommate and saw me across the hall with my shirt off and drenched from rain what would you do?

  • You're a pizza delivery boy and bring me a pizza. I'll open the door naked. What will you do?

  • BBC only if I said to you I dare you to shove it in my ass

  • Have you ever moaned out someone else's name by accident name during sex?

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