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  • Your life depends on you having an orgasm, which do you choose?

  • Ladies you have a chance to win a million dollars sucking one dick out of a line up, but only one is the winner. Which do yiu choose?

  • Ladies what was your best and hardest ORGASM?

  • Who wants to have a threesome. Got a hot female

  • If you were a Sexual Super-Hero. What super power would you have???

  • Who would you rather get punched in the face by???

  • ladies only!!!!- ladies if u had a man tha like to suck ur asshole to make u cum wud u let him lick an suck it till u shit in his mouth an not give a fuck?

  • If you walked in a room and saw me would you flirt?

  • Where would you want me to put my face?

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