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  • Ladies...Would you join me and my lady for a night of pure pleasure?

  • If you picked me up in a bar, where would you take me to fuck me?

  • Ladies, when you get fucked, where do you prefer the guy to cum?

  • Woman do you like man to get there ass eat and paly with

  • Ladies, have you ever let a stranger touch you intimately?

  • Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever made a call to pay for phone sex? Be honest.

  • What would you do to me first in bed assuming were naked? (Girls Only!)

  • Do you see us as a cute couple?

  • Would you like to talk dirty with me and masturbate together?

  • Am I the only one who looks at profiles and think their only reason for being on this site is to spread that hot shit to any one who will fuck them?

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