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  • just bored. anyone have video chat? vote the one u have

  • Would it bother you if your amazing new job at a strip club depended on you giving the owner and top 2 managers oral sex (and more?) whenever they wanted?

  • where are we going on first date ?

  • Would you particapated in pay for play?

  • Are you able to control how loud you are during sex? Assume the guy's cock is huge and he is fucking you extremely hard (as in my situation)

  • Say a guy offered you 7k if you could deepthroat his cock. He says its a bit above average size. If you can't, he gets to fuck you while your friends watch (like my blog post). what would YOU do? btw you are very drunk and horny.

  • Pretend you are a stripper giving a private dance when the guy pulls out his dick and starts stroking it. What happens next? His dick is very big and thick and makes you horny.

  • big girls or skinny girls

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