• Looking for local Women in Michigan or Wisconson

    06/08/2008 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music: Michigan
    Hi there I'm a college student who's tired of looking around the old fashioned way. So here i am looking for some fun with local girls with no strings attached. While I am not looking for anything serious, or expecting it, who knows? After all just because I'm not looking for it doesn't mean it might not find me. But I am mostly here for a casual relationship, or even a one night stand, dating what ever you want. Yeah I know that sounds desperate, but I'm very lonely and horny right now. I am single, 23 years old, ...
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  • Brain Tease

    06/08/2008 topic: Dating, mood: Lonely, music:
    Fly away… touch the sky Dream of my… blinded eye Can’t you see? What I see You couldn’t know what you mean Fly away…Reach the high Push your eye…Find out why Just in case…you show me first Never chase…the simple curse Can’t you see? What I mean You couldn’t know what you see Just incase…I see it first I’ll tell my eye…to see so high No one knows all the answers of life No one sees all the problems in spite of the dangers in the act I lock my doors incase I’m attacked Close your mind…and die inside Open your eyes…and flow with the tide You reached the peak of it all The only way now ...
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  • A friend told me about this site...

    06/03/2008 topic: Dating, mood: Don't know, music: Groove coverage / Poison
    Well, a friend told me about this site so I thought I would try it Got to say, I dont know what to expect tho...I mean really, Im just a 32 year old..ok looking housewife who hasnt had any pussy in a very long time. LoL Most guys that hear me say that, tell me that I just need some good dick...Come on guys...Do you know how pathetic that is ? Thats like telling a gay guy that he just han't had any good pussy..Really. what pussy isnt good??? Anyways, Im kinda seeing this girl from my town. She's ...
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  • Moving In or Moving On: How DO You Decide When It Really Matters!!!!

    06/03/2008 topic: Dating, music:
    Moving In or Moving On! All relationships have stages. The movement from one stage to another is determined by the people in that relationship. How do you know if it's time for you to take the "next step" or keep on stepping...out of your relationship? What are the signs that mark the beginning of the end? How do you determine your next move? They say that hindsight is 20/20. You know the reason people say that is because if given the chance to look back things are so much more clear then say trying to look into the future. How ...
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  • Can't believe

    06/02/2008 topic: Dating, mood: Drunk, music:
    can't believe i'm not with you, but i guess it's true. Only if i could see, what my future would be. Without you in my life, i'm going to get into so much strife. Drugs, drinking, i won't be thinking. All that would be running through my mind is WHY, WHY, WHY did you say goodbye. I'm a mess, just like a torn up wedding dress. With drinking, i won't be blinking. I would be dead, lying on the floor with a bullet through my head. All this pain & suffering, i hear people say it's nothing. I thought i was a winner, but no i'm just a sinner. My life is going down the drain, just like blood ...
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