• bi girl needed

    01/05/2009 topic: Dating, mood: In Love, music:
    hi all im a tall sexy married bi girl. my husband and i (extremely I) are looking for a nice sexy honest bi girl to bring into our home> it doesn't necessarily have be to a live in relationship!were a very stable loving couple who think that bringing a nother woman in would just enhance our relationship. if you think that you might be interested hit me up...
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    06/02/2009 topic: Dating, music: universal
    a totally free chat line for all sex gay,straight,bisexual,shemale,tranny ask around for chakaris 225-308-0038 when calling its totally free just pree 7 to slide into the action if you dont know how to work the chatline the creator will tell you when first calling...
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  • Where Did I Go Wrong?

    06/10/2009 topic: Dating, mood: Disapointed, music: Chris Brown: Superhuman
    I'm not sure where we went wrong or even where 'we' went wrong. But somewhere after all the smiles, laughter, joy, contentment, cracking jokes on others in public, spending time with each other in one another's arms, holding each other, hugging each other, kissing each other, enjoying one another, something had went wrong. I don't know who it really was-- was it me? was it you? was it us? Or was it just our destiny telling us that this was just not meant to be in the long run and it was a mistake to even know one ...
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