• Is it me

    07/10/2014 topic: Dating, music:
    Is it just me?   When I log on to a site like this and read a profile that says something along the lines of, "I"m here searching for my soul mate", to me it just makes the person seem desperate or confused.  Not saying that it can't happen but to me coming on here in search of a long term partner makes as much sense as going to the strip club in search of a long term partner.   Maybe its just me?
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  • Check this event: 3 nights of fun in nj

    07/09/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music:
    Hosted By: dazzle star When: Wednesday Jul 09, 2014 at: 9:00 PM Where: my palcae / montague
    shore dr Description: this a wild nude home party for all members come have fun
    7/09/14 7/10/14 7/11/14 BBW post 4th bang house party at my place in montague nj 07827
    this is open to all couple and solo guys and girls
    0n the 9th and 10th we start at 9 pm and go till ?
    on the 11th we start at 10 pm  and go till?
    you can come any time after the party as started up to 12 am you may come later only if

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