• What's the point?

    03/07/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Disapointed,
    I think this site is pretty cool.. Been here for years upon years... However its gotten very boring... just filled with spam gays & lesbos... Isnt there some nice females tht still love dick? Personally am not here to hookup or fuck but to chat and share pics and videos... I love cute toes and sexy feet... Big bubble butt, i love anytype of tits- big round flat small saggy huge nipples small nipples lactating etc... you get the point... Am bored where the girls at? lets have some fun... am on kik and whtsapp also...

    As you my

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  • Cuck me please

    03/06/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Horny,
    I am a guy with a gf but she is not into the cuck life style. I am good looking with a decent body and a 7 inch cock. However I want to be cucked I wanna lick a oussy clean after it's been cummed in I wanna lay under a girl while a big cock goes in annout of her and I lick her clit, these are just some things is anyone interested ?...
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  • curve

    03/05/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Drunk, music: snoop dogg
    Fellas... These women got too much ga me noe.. let Em curve us man.. just knock that curve ball out the park......
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