• Big things REALLY DO come in small packages ( Early this morning)

    08/09/2011 topic: Dating, mood: Full of life, music:
    Ok, I was with my god-sister out side, and we were having a great time in front of our building. Last night was a perfect night, no rain, greet breeze, perfect time to get a few "nut-crackers" some ice-cold vodka, seven-up, 2 lawn chairs, and sit out front, and watch the sky. Me and my peeps sit there for hours, getting tipsy and minding our own business, and having a great time. In between our convos and sippin, we both was noticing that these young nikkas kept walking by us. Now we both have been in this neiborhood ...
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  • Jamie Girl's Loves

    03/17/2010 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music:
    Check me out there. I'll be posting stories of my loves here too. Guys, my stories are hot stuff that will get your cocks hard and make you want to fuck me and cum all over me. Promise!...
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  • Good Rough Date!

    12/07/2010 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music: forever young...are ya gonna drop the bomb or not have to take me out of course you already know. And the whole way there i tease you through ya pants...cause i am a tease! and you like it:)Afterwards when we walk back to ya truck i am wanting you so bad. So i grab your dick and tell you that its mine and i will take it when i want it! thenundoing your pants i say that i wanna feel it slide the back of my throat, choking me....That makes my mouth water

    then i start to tease you cock with my soft, wet, warm, tongue....licking all

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  • CupidZero & Alana Tulips

    02/21/2013 topic: Dating, mood: Full of life, music: makes me wet
    looking for couples to have fun with Comical porn sumthing different... u can hit me to play only. Recently adding another level of excitement with my hung, interestingly funny, boy toy CupidZero. With us, its Valentines day every day. Couples come join our tantric love sessions where we're open for whatever. Serious Inquires call 347 927-1369...
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