• pussy is free

    01/04/2016 topic: Dating, mood: Disapointed, music: r&b jazz hate rap.have .no meaning
    hello  ladys pussy  is  free  an a man   that  have   to pay  for pussy  dont  got  no  game .ladys  it  more  to  sex then just  fucking  u  want  to  have  just  alittle  connection...IF  u just want  to fuck  u  should   find site  were  all  escots  are  just  sayin. We  real  men just  to  have  fun  an  fuck lots  woman dont  u  women want all  kinds  of  dick  that  what  this  is  about  finding  friend  u  can have  fun  with  an  fuck..
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  • Getting to know You

    12/29/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Don't know,
    Is a challenge in real life let alone in cyber space. Making changes to my profile to show another that i am interested in him, however he comes with some mystery that i'm not to sure about. Since i'm naturally a off standish and mysterious person myself this has proved challenging for me too. Nobody wants to waste their time, yet nobody wants to take their time either. The older one gets the sooner he/she knows what they want. Problem is not just finding it bit being able to keep it as well. Getting to know me is ...
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  • Which do men prefer ?

    12/27/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Don't know,
    I got called an ugly bitch by a cross dressing man that likes to suck cock. Which do real men prefer to have their cocks sucked by ? After all real women have real tits. Real women have pussies. All this guy can offer is blow jobs. I've seen his pictures and there is no way you can't tell he's a guy. So unless you're bi or gay which do men prefer ?...
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  • Date Night

    12/20/2015 topic: Dating, mood: In Love,
    So my hubby and I had our date night. We started out at a nice restaurant. Then to a nice karaoke bar. He loves to sing and he's very good. Well he was singing Wonderful Tonight and that's always a get my pussy wet song. A guy about 40 ask me to dance and of course I said I'd love to. We started out with a little space between us but I remedied that. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around waist. As he pulled me close I could feel the arising between ...
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  • Craig's List - Who Knew?

    12/19/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Happy,
    Ok, ok. I know some of you are going to laugh at me for this, but I had NO idea that so many people were using Craig's List to hook up locally! Whether looking for a one time hookup today, or a regular get together, there are all sorts of men (well and women too but not my thing) there looking to connect.

    I was whining to a freiend (who lives far away) about how hard it is to hook up with men because of my stupid work schedule and busy life. And he suggested I take a look

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