09/20/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Disapointed,
    Its so hard to date wen u diff seems like straight men dont want u they want a real girl gay men want a gay man its like were do u fit in then u meet men and they say they want a relationship but soon as u meet all they do is try to have sex talk bout sex why not meet someone that's wants something serious like I love sex like the next person but not with everyone u meet i just want a homie...
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  • Too slow ?

    09/19/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Full of life,
    I would like to make friends on here but is it considered being behind the times or being to slow just because I don't wanna say hi then turn around and fuck ? What's wrong with wanting to message here, progress to talking on the phone then meeting ? Is it soooo old fashioned to wanna at least try to get a good feel for someone before sex? I mean I don't wanna know your life story but I do wanna feel safe !!!...
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  • Fuck that, I'd rather stay single

    09/06/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Don't know,
    After sleeping around with some girl (who was also a great friend for years) and finally exposing my real feelings to her, thinking that I should do so after she told me that she thinks that she loves me, I decided to go back inside my cave and stay single. I told the girl that I never wanted to be in a relationship with her because I just couldn't trust people (including her) and sure enough, after all of the B.S. talk about having feelings for me immediately after sex, she is unavailable again. She won't call, return texts or
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