• Money

    12/07/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music:
    What's up this is nemfo22 and I'm looking to get wet for the right price if you wit hit me up if not then pass me up i know it sounds bad but i really don't but i don't give a fuck, i have mouths to feed....
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  • Phoenix slut in yahoo chat and sex lines 2003-2006

    12/04/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music:
    Its me @ yahoo was her name and she used to cyber and have phone sex daily. She often met guys for blow jobs and one night stands. If you got sucked or jerked off on cam for her then she wants to talk to you. Thick Mexican with big tits and big areolas and a big ass, she  sucked 40+ guys from 2003-2006 she lived in Phoenix but would travel to a bar or their place in Phoenix or Scottsdale or anywhere she could get cock when she wanted some. She drove a white ford Taurus or ...
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