• Getting pussy and big dick to

    10/29/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music: Rock n roll
    Went to a bar meet a sexy girl there we danced and got a buzz. We left I went home with her and played around we were in her bed as somebody else came in her bedroom to I was a little bit freaked out. She said it was her husband not to worry I said ok. She said he likes to watch her getting fucked so we kept on fucking as I saw him at our waists looking close now as he licked my balls first then her cummy pussy to. As I pulled my dick out ...
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  • sucking big dicks

    10/29/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music: any
    I went out to a bar dressed up like a slut looking for dicks. I walked in looking around as i prissed around checking men out and saw some men checking me out i went to the bar got a drink and went to the back sitting in a booth looking around two black guys came over sitting down talking shit to me asked what i was doing there. I replied i was looking for hung black men to play with. They offered there services as i put my hands in there laps pulling out there dicks strokung ...
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  • pussy and dicks

    10/29/2014 topic: Dating, mood: High, music: Rock n roll
    Well I went out partying and meet a sexy girl that took me over and gave me her hot pussy with her friends in the other room. I ate her pussy tasting cum inside it and sucked it good for her. She told me she had fucked several guys all ready and did I like there cum? I said yes I did so she got a couple of them to come let me suck there big dicks and swallow there cum for them to. I did and loved doing them both. Then she asked if I was gay ...
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  • I havent did this before .part 1

    10/16/2014 topic: Dating, music:
    I just wanted to know from anyone with experience how is it to fuck white girl. Ive seen in porn how sometimes it can be good or bad. But I always wondered what would it be like from first hand experience. No this is not a desprate attempt to hook up with a white women I am simply just curiouse and wanted to know....
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