• A text i sent Ashley.

    09/20/2014 topic: Dating, music: myself...
    Compassionately we kiss to remind ourselves of the time that we've missed! I pause to rewind, mussent forget to hit save!!! Another moment in time clambering in, begging for space... Clear data, without a thought left in my head...?! I threw it all out to make room for you instead! Hopefully I didn't throw out anything important....! From... ?! Your lover!!! P.s. what's my name again...?!...
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  • looking

    09/19/2014 topic: Dating, music:
    Looking for a wOman interested in havingredients fun with me and my girl for our anniversary... inbox if interested and we'll go from there...
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  • to Ashley!

    09/15/2014 topic: Dating, mood: In Love, music: staind
    Even in my sleep your name speaks to me, taking over my dreams!
    Even then I can't stop giving in....
    When I wake up beside you I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be!
    Layed up with my lovely, the whole world can't fuck with me!
    And when the day starts, let the dreams begin....
    Because in my world, all my dreams have you in it!
    And when I die, if there is a heaven?!
    For me it will be living a life with you in it from the beginning till the ending!
    Every year, every month, every day,  and every minute with a happy

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