• Oh so you didn't cheat. That makes it better.

    02/18/2016 topic: Dating, mood: Angry,
    I'm having trouble figuring someone out. He admitted to lying to me about his feelings, saying I love you without meaning it. He admitted to going along with a relationship he didn't want because he wanted to keep the sex as long as possible. He admitted to stringing me along, ignoring me, disregarding my feelings, not really caring about me and so on. He's admitted to not being attracted to black women and liking black women and that's why he kept me hidden from his friends and family who also don't like black people. He made me feel ...
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  • I like a guy who takes pride in his appearence

    02/18/2016 topic: Dating,
    I went on a date Wednesday and already, everything was an upgrade from the ex. One, the guy actually scheduled something vs him which would call me randomly. The date texted me saying he was going to be late. A plus.

    The guy was actually GROOMED. He was clean shaven, even in jeans he was well dressed. It was just nice. The ex........

    NO sense of style whatsoever. He cycles the same three Areopostel 1987 shirts all the time. It's either that or a polo shirt that he has in every color. He's always in Addidas shorts. Always looking like

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