• HIV negative STD free. Just saying.

    08/09/2015 topic: Dating,
    I just passed an HIV exam as well as a full comprehensive STD blood test. I'm willing to have raw, nasty freaky, sex with any woman who is willing to go out with me and get a new HIV and STD test. We got to a clinic, both get proof then I'll pay for a room and dinner and everything and we get bucket naked and just do it like nikes....
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  • I'm not shy, just respectful and very selective

    08/04/2015 topic: Dating,
    I won't waste my time making myself look like some thirst-bucket creep, using bad spelling and poor grammer to tell what I hope to really be a woman, with hopefully their own pics posted on their profile, how much I want to have sex with them. I like to be a bit more creative when I do comment on pics, so I'll go for what I hope to be percieved as comedy on my part. I'm not interested in going back and forth in long chats, hoping to actually meet someone who actually won't show up, unfortunately I ...
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  • keep it real

    07/31/2015 topic: Dating,
    GM   when  cumes  dont   to  sex  u   want  alady  sexual  an  freaky. we    LIKE  TO  BE  TOUCH  ALOT HUG  KISS  ON .  LIKE  TO  SEE  ALADYGET  WETT  AN  WATCH  BODY  JUST  MELT   FOR  ATTENTION.  so   LADY  WHY  IS   IT  SO    TO   GIVE   A  MAN  GOOD  FUCK  IF  U  THINK   HE  IS   A   FUCK....dont  MAKIN  HARD  WE  MEN LIKE  OR  DICKS   AN  FUCKED..   TELL  US   WHAT  U  WANT  AN  DO  THA   DAM   THING...WHATSUP  WITH  ALL  THIS   PUSSY  ON  THIS  SITE.
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  • If i cant see ya, i'm not adding ya!

    07/29/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Don't know,
    What fool would think i'de meet them, date them or even add them as a friend when i cant see their pics or profile?? A really lame one thats who. I'm all for discretion, although i'm not adding you because you chose to hide. Perhaps your dating someone or your dick is small...ect whatever the reason, thats your issue not mines....
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