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Adult Space Dating

Let me start off by saying the net or any of it is not new to me, as for AS goes this i not my first page either...so many people comment to me about my blog posts (who knew) figured it was time for one about my personal experiences as awhole on here. I have met a total of 13 guys over a 5 yr period, being extremely picky keeps the bs away yet some of the good ones too. I have not no been catfished but have had had a string of disappointments, but thats the nature ...

Lol Lol

I'm really sexually frustrated. I'm not going to sugar coat anything.  I'm looking for more than just a one time thing.  I love this site and to be honest with you , I have been able to make more friends on here because I can be myself. Facebook is more about keeping me updated with family. 
Happy early Sunday morning folks.  I'm going to try to get to the point. I'm not looking for someone to take care of. I don't want to control you. I'm not looking for drama and I am not searching for someone who is


  I have been single a really long time. I have forgotten what a kiss feels like.  I crave the warmth of my lovers arms. I'm at that moment in life where my kids are technically out of the house and it's time for me to live my life but I'm missing that something. 

Meeting guys online vs. bars

Like I keep saying, I need to stop going out to bars every night. The combination of drinking and boys has gotten me in so much trouble in the past few months that I must find bettter ways to hookup. Thankfully no legal trouble, but lots of embarrassment and humiliating consequences.

I won't go into heavy detail, but for anyone who doesn't know, there were a couple nights where I was caught having some harmless fun in semi-public areas. All I did each time was agree to suck someone's cock. I had wanted to go someplace else, but instead



Hello Adult Space friends. I'm here on this site for fun. Maybe a hook up, here and there. If your approaching please don't be disrespectful, and if you decide to be, expect for me to clap back. Also if you're a man, a mans...man that don't like men.....a MAN, and if I take a stroll on your page and see your friends and your picture comments of trannies or "DL" men, and your trying to hook up with me. DONT DO IT!! I like "MEN." Not men that's curious, not men that's secretly "BI." I might do


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