• Is love a mistake...??

    08/07/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Don't know, music: Fuck you all the time...

    LOVE......Can be a strong word & a strong commitment. We may LOVE thee wrong person, cry & hurt for thee wrong reasons. But, one thing for sure, mistakes help us to find that right person. So never give up on LOVE its all a work in progress and when u get that special someone U WILL KNOW ....

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  • looking for a bi girl to join wife and me

    08/04/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music:
    looking for a  bi girl to join the wife and me in our first 3sum we are really looking to do this and would really enjoy it we believe we are 25f / 30m married couple with 2 kids  just looking to spice the relationship up a little if any girls are or would be interested in talking and maybe hooking up with us please write us and we can talk and see how it goes...
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  • Something I wrote ten years ago

    08/02/2014 topic: Dating, mood: Happy, music:

    Trinity Tales:

    Part One:

    Customer Satisfaction

    Written by Myrddn Storm Sullivan

    Bruce looked up at the sound of the bells on the back of the door, and suppressed a frown as the couple entered the shop. It was nearly closing time, and while another sale wouldn’t hurt business at all he had hoped to get out in time to have coffee at Annie’s Diner. Trinity was a small town, and like all small towns, no matter how quaint, the sidewalks rolled up at sundown. The same was true for Annie. It was her busiest day of the week and she would be

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