• What I do

    08/07/2007 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music: Aakon
    Just so ya'll know - I do incall appointments. I make between 150 and 300 a day. It kicks ass. Nothing better than getting laid and getting paid. My fav times to book are around lunchtime. Hit me up if in the CO area and interested....
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  • 08/07/2007 topic: Literotica, music:
    body { background-color:FFFFFF; background-image:url(''); background-repeat:repeat; background-attachment:fixed;}
    Myspace Backgrounds
    Myspace Backgrounds...
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  • My first Rant. Don't read if you think your a victim. If you are a victim, then STFU and change.

    08/07/2007 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music: INDK: Livin' with L.E.S.
    1.What is so great about the skinniest of the skinnies? Ok I am cool with skinny girls and everything, but WHY THE FUCK DO WE NEED TO SEE WHAT IS ON THE INSIDE!! Ok sure being light weight is nice and all, but damn have some body mass. Sure eating too much is is not eating...either way your gonna die might as well find some kind of know eat but not all the time, is a thought 3 times a day? Hey! Never know, you might like it. Fat=bad, Normal=good, VERY VERY SKINNY=(see fat). 2.WHY oh ...
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  • hood-ratz

    08/07/2007 topic: Literotica, mood: Full of life, music: rock/rap
    I am the owner of a cool site at We have chat, music, movies, web radio, models, and buy 1 get one free DVD's!!! So come check us out and hit me up here too!!!!!! My name is Johnny Steele:)...
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