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Anyone alive in PA

some one put out,some pussy,,,??...

Topic: Literotica, Mood: Horny,
Created on: Date: 04/21/2007, by Altoonatounge

i've never had a blow job whats it like

give me a idea my wife thinks its gross it seems to turn me on thinking about it...

Topic: Literotica, Mood: Don't know,
Created on: Date: 04/21/2007, by looookn4u

First Blog On Adultspace

I am new to the site. I joined last night and I plan on being here a long time. I love to write, blog, etc, etc and I think this is a good place to do so. I can’t write what and how I want on some of my other sites. Here I can be more open about my feelings and such. So here is my first writing. I hope many of you begin to read me and become better acquainted through my writings. I am a writer. My main job is a technical one that stifles my creative ...

Topic: Literotica, Mood: Full of life, Music: John Hiatt,
Created on: Date: 04/21/2007, by cajunrooster

nail polish

my nail polish comp just got picked up in japan wow thought america would be first...

Topic: Literotica, Mood: Full of life, Music: all,
Created on: Date: 04/21/2007, by jonnytat21

Men are losing the abilitiy to please women.

I have been doing Phone Sex for a living for over 3 years now. I am an experienced Mistress. I have been doing Domination long before I started working at home getting paid to tell boys what to do on the phone. Most men do not get women. I know that they never will. I believe that Women are Superior to men. If most women realized the power that we have over men then things would change quickly. We have devolved as humans through manipulation, brain washing, prejudice, and religion. ...

Topic: Literotica, Mood: Disapointed,
Created on: Date: 04/20/2007, by SoSeductiveSarah
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