• why would i want to please?

    07/27/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    why do men think I wish to please them from a distance.... for me I am a personal slut not a slut this goes out in the street and have someone come up and fuck them and get paid for it... for me to please a man that way I to be a money making horor and I ho then I would have to have to fucking please me to no end thatthat I want to worship your ass and do everything humanly possible to do for you... you're not paying my bills you're not here to physically ...
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  • don't know

    07/27/2014 mood: Don't know, music:
    don know jus don know. have you even been at work horny as hell and den as soon as you get home u don want sex? i have it not a good feeling and this coming from me a person who love sex who could fuck day and night. well i guess if my body cant get it wen it want it den i cant get it wen i want it.. ha i might jus have my toy with me tomo well i am at work shit they cant say i cant play with my pussy well im ...
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  • Collered and Claimed

    07/27/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: In Love, music: Here without you
    When Daddy walked through the door He found Babygirl exactly where she was supposed to, and he smiled pleased with her. For several long moments he stood there watching her, taking her in and enjoying what he saw.

    Babygirl was kneeling obediently in the exact center of the room, her knees pressed tightly together. Her hands were clasped in her lap, her head bowed, eyes closed. He loved seeing her like this completely naked, in a position of obedience and submission to him, her Daddy, and today he would claim her as his, forever and always.

    Still he continued to

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