• So you say you're a freak?

    03/24/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Happy, music:
    Soooo, I've been browsing pages lately and I keep seeing the same things.... the word "freak".. Used in multiple ways (super freak, crazy freak, sexy freak, certified freak, etc.) But I have a serious question.... what are you considering to be freak shit? Anal? Eating the cakes(booty), s&m, role playing?  just wondering what everyone's definition is of "freaky" sexual behavior.. I think mines is going to be way different... lol...
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  • We Love Satin Panties

    03/23/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music:
    Our favorite type of panties are satin panties, they are so silky, so smooth, so shiny and they feel so amazing. Its such a turn on wearing satin panties and seeing others both women wearing satin panties and men wearing satin panties. Just thinking about slipping on a pair of satin panties sends shivers through ones body and gets certain parts wet or standing at attention. Its such a turn on seeing a wet spot on satin panties either a womans wet spot or a mans wet spot, the way that silky fabric looks when wet is such ...
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