• SEX

    09/28/2014 mood: Horny, music: 5 Senses Jeremih
    S.E.X= Spiritual
    Should be a Great Experience every time. from a quickie every stroke is like a boxers jab, quick and powerful to make the juices flow. Love making, set the mood, with the quiet storm, a bottle and two glasses empty, blunt burning slow, the eyes don't lie, the eyes will never lie, kisses to the forehead,neck,breast and stomach, we got 69 #'s to go thru stop running. Let me be the your release, from the stress kiss away your nervousness. S.E.X.
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  • I Sit and Visualize

    09/28/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music:
    A gorgeou, soft skin beauty, the scent of her victoria sercet amber romance floats around the room. Her caramel tone glossing due to the effects of her lotion. Me laying on my back enjoying the Sundays games as i await the scores anticipating my bets hitting. She walks in aftee her shower and and after showering grooming. She said nothing just walks up to me and puts her already damp pussy one my mouth . She eroticly rides my faces until she cums im my mouth causing us both to get a tingling sensation. I pick her ...
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