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    08/19/2015 topic: Dating,
    Just wondering why sometimes when someone tried to get the Attention of YOU Ladies. Is hard,i know certain man come at y'all sexually some like it some don't. But then there are times like ive done myself to start a conversation. There's no reply at all. I ALWAYS READ IN LADIES PAGES: " COME CORRECT OR DON'T MESSAGE ME AT ALL" yet there's no reply at least to say " hey I'm not interested in taking to you. " if that's the case then dont add people. plain and simple, I like connecting a south people. That's just me ...
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  • My sex story #2

    08/18/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny,
    Big girls are more fun but sometimes things get messy. I was fucking with this nigga named Rick for a minute. He was from VA but he was worth the trip. Now we fucked around for about 6 months and the conversation about threesomes came up. He asked had I been with females before and I told him I had. He asked was I into females and I'm like yeah and no (I'm complicated lol). See the thing is, I don't like females all the time. I only like them sometimes. Like I'll see a female with a ...
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