• awkward

    09/18/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    Soooooo.. I ran into my ex times that by alot dig anywho it was at a bar a new one here in charlotte my first time there last night idk how my spidey sense start tingling soon as I saw the joint thinking in my head this looks like a spot so n so would hang out I would give yall her name but shit idk what she going by these days she's a transsexual like the first one I ever tried to date now don't get me wrong at hart she a thoughtful helpful ill do what ...
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  • degrade me

    09/18/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music:
    Comment my pics and degrade my body. Make fun of me for being a fat lazy masturbator. Or comment how you would embarrass me in public...
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  • Our Threesome's (True Stories)

    09/18/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Happy, music:
    • This is how we got into 3-somes.... and the details!!   
    • All Stories are wrote from Husbands POV, So "I" is Husband and "Her" is Wife. 
    • To be Added later today and check back often for updates!!!

    How it all began and how its still going:
          It all begins around 4years ago. I...


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