• Why Its Him

    02/07/2016 topic: Literotica, mood: High,
    A private invite, He didn't ask for...My mind was reeling, I had to find out more...A few messages exchanged, and He had my attention...His words had me, Oh and He's FINE I must mention...He took me for me, not what I expected...So I had my King, He was elected...It's not that He's rich, or being all flashy...It's His words, that make me want to be nasty...He has me open, so He gets this pussy...Even thinking about my King makes her oh so gushy...He can have this pussy anyway He wants...When we're not talking or texting, it's my mind ...
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  • Lame ass Dudes

    02/07/2016 topic: Dating, mood: Disapointed,
    Be online trying to Holla at chicks, but they can't get to them or worse. Contacting us while they sitting at the public library or the mother house. Nigga I'lol give you the pussy you gotta come get it. I'm hot, ready to break of this fine and dude, tall, sexy, open minded only to find out he is not driving. WTF is that all about? If you come at me be sure you can come to me. This goes out to all your square and dudes across the land. You did'my expect me to come you, as drive ...
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