• 8 nuts later 😘

    05/01/2016 topic: Literotica, mood: Full of life,
    What a time, from teasing and kissing in the park, to all three holes exquisitely ravaged. You came from so far away. Just to see me. I pushed you down, and gave you kisses from the tip all the way down so my throat could kiss your hard thick dick. Make me so wet, I just want to coat you with me. Take it smooth. I'll lay down on my back and hold your big strong arms while my tight wet pussy barely can wait, and then from the tip when you stuck it in. I could just ...
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  • Wonders

    05/01/2016 topic: Art & Photography,
    You know sometimes I think about how good I'm gonna be in this music career, sometimes I just wonder if I'm gonna completely suck at it because I love being on the music maker I have developed a huge passion for music...
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  • incest fantasies

    04/30/2016 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny,
    I have an aunt who calls me whenever she needs help around the house and I've been fantasizing about havingsex with her for a long time now she's in her late seventies and still super sexy with a small waist,wide hips,a big round booty and sexy feet with pretty manicured toes which she already know i like because i was at her house a couple months ago doing some work for her and i complimented her for having pretty toes and told her about my foot fetish and i could tell that caught her interest so every time ...
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