• camera shy

    07/24/2014 music:
    So many dick pictures on here. So many videos yet the dick I want pictures of, the jacking off video that I want, I can't get. Not everyone is like that so I'm stuck, looking at other dicks, wishing it was the one I want to see. Stuck looking at other videos and wishing it was the one I want and that the video was for me. It's not like I want it to share. I want it for my own personal enjoyment.

    I love it when a guy takes pics of us fucking or films it. I'm not

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  • just saying

    07/24/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Bored, music: none
    Dont you think it would be kool to have adultspace like mocospace. . If we could have single caht rooms like that too.. for phones.. I usually get on here thur my phone and shit like that but wouldn't be kool.....
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