• On the prowl ladies

    12/16/2014 mood: Horny, music:
    Southern California ladies, I'm trying to find fun play things for me and especially my man. He works extremely hard and I'd love to be able to pleasure him with an array of sexy ladies that are freaks and down for it all. No drama, no attachments, just fun, sex and pleasing him till he can't continue and passes out into a deep sleep from all of us rubbing him down before you leave. If you're interested, message us. These are for weekend adventures only, mostly Friday and Saturday nights. We look forward to playing ;)...
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    12/16/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Disapointed, music:
    BBW - big, beautiful woman I turn u down and I'm a fat bitch. I turn u down and u say I'm only good for fucking. You little boys need to learn manners and respect. I may be big, but I'm sexy and we both know u want me fuck head!...
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  • First Milf(part 2)

    12/16/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Horny, music:
    Part 2 So she gets on top of me, but in the opposite direction, you know with her ass in my face. I'm thinking oh she wants to do 69. But I had yet to do that also. So this was about to be my first time doing that. So she starts to slowly rub my shaft with her hand up and down and its feelin so good. I almost forgot her pussy was in my face. Then she started to lick my shaft nice and slow. She definitely knew how to treat the dick. She separated herself quickly ...
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