• My pussy

    04/15/2014 music:
    My pussy is good. She has her walls. She has the warmth that the dick need. Been told it's the perfect temperature for that meat. My pussy gets extremely wet but key is u gotta do her right. Pussy gets so wet n she grips that dick so good. Only thing a nigga can do is try n hold that nut back so he can stay in the game. Cause he don't want to be out did n that's fine. She speaks to you as ur deep stroking n lets u know what she likes. The more u ...
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  • Yes

    04/15/2014 mood: Full of life, music:
    Yes, it does require a membership but there is some free content.  In order to get full access to everything a membership is required....
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  • Lunar Eclipse 2014

    04/15/2014 music:
    Oh you blood benders think you're hot shit tonight now that the blood moon is out thanks to the lunar eclipse. Well this fire bender isn't scared of you. XD

    Anyway so much for that. It's 4am here. I've been checking since 1am for the "blood moon." I wanted to take pictures of it. It's not like it happens every so often. Sadly where I'm located, it's been raining and cloudy. The clouds didn't clear when it first started raining in the AM. I didn't want to watch the live stream or whatever that was via the NASA site.

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