• What the Hell is Going on here??!!??

    03/26/2015 topic: Life, mood: Disapointed, music:
    It seems like all da chicks in my area are scared to be freaks. Y'all post pics and vids but never inbox or anything. I'm starting to think all of y'all ain't as single as u say u are. So I'll stop looking for chicks in my area and start looking elsewhere such as New Jersey, New York or Delaware becuz its too much bullshit tryna get wit a Philly girl. Y'all jus not freaky enuff or can't keep it real enuff for me. And then y'all act stuck up like y'all too gd to actually hold a ...
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  • the quest for fwb: bored of the flings

    03/26/2015 topic: Literotica, music:
    So I just recently got on AS and I was not impressed with the results of a 5 or 10 mile search.i expanded the area and got more hits. Geez, finally some ass and titties with cute faces on top and curves to connect them. So I friend ed some of the 'local' cuties and some even talk. Out of the ones that do you always get that one that flakes out on day one. I had one of those right away. Oh well I don't sweat it. Assume the best , keep it 100, and I keep ...
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