• Credit issues

    05/22/2016 topic: Life, mood: Full of life,
    Running through life helping men to become stronger sexually financially and ready to take life to the fullest so you can stand on your feet with the right mate with excellent credit in building a foundation towards solid credibility as you buy that dream home, car or world travels with confined proportions hit me up guys listen to your gut instinct and let me fix your credit ... Madison...
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  • Question

    05/22/2016 topic: Literotica,
    When you get the right partner; sexually compatible; you feel safe with them, y'all can communicate and respect; and basically just good. How many of y'all wind up not messing with nobody else?...
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  • And it gets worse..

    05/21/2016 topic: Life,
    Well seems like my laptop has died after five years of faithful service. I figured it was going to happen since laptops weren't built to last. My friend has given me options but I can't afford a genuine copy of Windows 7 or a backup HD that was suggested. I need new furniture and not a time to put a new computer on credit. Guess I'll be on my phone for a bit. Just felt like mentioning....
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  • The Bullshitters of AS

    05/21/2016 topic: Games, mood: Disapointed,
    I had been speaking to a guy that lives states away for a couple weeks now. He's very attractive, I'm very attractive. He's verified, I'm verified. He has videos of his face and seems legit. Everything seems good. He told me he'd drive to me for a weekend to meet and I was completely down and anxious to fuck. 

    I hit him the day before he should be driving out, multiple times. HE DOESN'T RESPOND TILL TWO DAYS LATER. Saying he didn't check his phone and was sorry and disappointed he missed the chance to see me. So he's

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