• In need....

    02/06/2016 mood: Disapointed,
    Trying so hard to earn money selling underwear because i'm seriously in a lot of need of cash... But nothing yet :( If anyone is interested, contact me:
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  • If you like aHoles, I'm your guy

    02/06/2016 topic: Dating, mood: Angry,
    Possible Headlines:
    If you like assholes, I'm your guy.
    Male seeking F to use and string along
    Seeking long term but not really
    M Tired of Emotional women so why not a guy

    From: 571 242 6902

    To: Me

    Im an asshole, not the nice guy that i thought i was when we first met. i lied to you and i didnt care about you, i led you on and took advantage of you. . i treated you inhumanely, i disregarded any feelings you had in favor of mine. i am selfish and didnt care how you felt, you were the one always trying and

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  • Foolish...

    02/06/2016 topic: Life, mood: Full of life,
    It's funny to me how people get so touchy in one area or even towards one person but not in other areas or towards others!!!! So here's the thing....I created two groups dealing with two fetishes I'm interested in. For me, they're both fantasy at this time in my life, so I've never done participated in either act, but nonetheless, the aforementioned interest has developed. Just today I looked at my comments and a user felt need to hop on her soapbox and foolishly release a rant towards me!! Well, the last time I checked, (1) I'm a

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  • Can't take rejection even when it comes to friendship

    02/05/2016 topic: Friends, mood: Angry,
    I have so many guys that want to be "just friends" with me. Whatever that means. It can mean a lot of things. To some, "just friends" are FWB. To others, "just friends" is platonic which is what I mean. Too many times have I befriended a guy, he thinks I'm whatever and then he wants something more. When he realizes I'm not interested, he doesn't want to be my friend anymore. He says things like it's too hard and what not. Now I'm lonely and don't have that cool bud to nerd out with. Other guys will

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  • If you don't want a relationship, do "just go" with ANYTHING!

    02/05/2016 topic: Dating, mood: Lonely,
    Looks like we found out why he doesn't do oral, amongst other things. The guy finally gave me answers to everything. HE is the primary reason as to why I'm not looking for an FWB anymore.

    >>> Im an asshole, not the nice guy that i thought i was when we first met. i admit that when i first met you that all i wanted was what we met up for. being an FWB. I still remember the day where you were like I’m falling in love with you. i didn’t have a problem with it and i felt

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