• gay sex

    05/27/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Gay,
    I honestly want to have a black bf like i love big black cocks like the way they look n smell n taste ill love me a black bf to fuck my fat ass...
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  • dirty talk

    05/26/2015 mood: Horny,
    Hello guys & girls out there we are a young couple from Australia we love adult space and love browsing through the people's profiles love pix vids on hear we would love to find people who would love to chat with us we are open minded and think there are few things we wouldn't mind trying from watching f/f group couples gangbangs bbc we would love to hear from anyone who's keen to chat my girl wonts to swap pix with men with bigcocks & BBC...
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  • in need of an answer:

    05/26/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Don't know,
    So I meet this lady which I will call her Jess. Her and I have only meet once but we have been talking for the past 2 months everyday. I want to believe that we have something that could turn serious. I have my doubts that is will work out. We have made plans but it is not final about going camping. Sleeping in the same tent but in different sleeping bags. I have a bad feeling about this. I do not believe no think nor expect we will have sex. I am just not sure what I should do....
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