• Cum Bucket

    04/22/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    I'm been receiving and swallowing cum for years and very often many time a day and everyday, and I don't feel any pain or nothing wrong but I always wanted to know this.

    Any opinions on swallowing cum on everyday basis, and I mean not only kinky and perverted answers (but I like them too) Any body with medical or Gastroenterology knowledge that can give an advise, about any secundary efects on the future?

    You know it's one of the questions that it's very embarrasing asking to your doctor, last time I did that, the same doctor started to tell

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  • Group of guy friends....

    04/21/2014 topic: Stories, music:
    One time I was hanging out with a bunch of my guy friends. We were drinking and smoking getting fucked up on a nice summer night, a storm rolled in so we headed inside smoking in the living room with the windows open. The storm got bad and the power went out, we lit a bunch of candles, rolled up another blunt and got another beer. I sat down, two of the guys sat on either side of me. One reached over and started rubbing my pussy he joked “We should all just gangbang you for a little

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