• Etiquette

    12/17/2014 topic: Life, music:
    I'll make this easy and plain. While I understand this site caters to entertainment of the adult variety, that doesn't mean we should abandon etiquette. If you wish to speak with me, do so as if you have some home training. Simple messages like "Hi" "How are you?" "U got privates" "U got kik?" get deleted instantly. Also, "Ma", "Shorty" and all other calls like that for the girls. I'm a grown woman. If you want to speak with me, then do so. Say hello and briefly introduce yourself...AFTER you read my profile. If your message and ...
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  • Uploading pictures

    12/17/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    I have uploaded a lot of pictures but now my pictures send but don't appear on my page. I have sent from my email a/c and from a friends, but nothing comes up on my page. Anyone know what the problem might be? Kirsten 💋...
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