• zoned

    01/25/2015 mood: Horny, music:
    I just want a guy friend that don't mind putting it down and leaving and not having to wore him til I want some more or I do...
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  • What do u think?

    01/25/2015 topic: Stories, music:
    As u guys know... I have some odd fantasies... This is one ...let me know what u think ..?;) ----- Like walking alone in an alley, wearing a skirt and nothing under.. They circle me and one puts something over my mouth and i knock out. When i woke up i just see, as one of you had my legs spread wide, tied along with my hands i see that its some guys, like I'm walking home and I stumble to an alley... I notice that a few guys were following me. I try to speed up but they ...
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  • erotica

    01/25/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music:
    Its our 1 year anniversary. After our night out we stop to a fancy hotel to relax and chill. After showers and massages I lay you down, i dissppear for a minute or 2. I reappear but im not alone. its now 3 images in front of you, Ur feeling so nice you dont even realize whats going on. The three of us surround the bed. fat asses, big tits and wet lips standing at attention. We strt Rubbing, lickin and kissing all over you. Then u become to realize were not alone. I climb up in the
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  • What to do?

    01/25/2015 topic: Friends, mood: Bored, music: Any
    Had the house to myself had nothing to do all day. Hit up my friends but they were either working or busy. I see I need to make new friends to hang out or just to simply talk I'm very open minded I don't judge at all and if you're into sports man we can be very good friends. Any takers? Hit me up male or female It don't matter as long as we keep it cool....
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