• Racist people, yes for the racist people.

    06/26/2015 topic: Life, mood: Angry,
    I'm very upset, and very pissed off right now. Those that don't know actually probably nobody knows so here we go. For those who see the color of other people's skin I am not one of those for those who are. I'm whiter than white yes this is very true, I'm spot on very observant, I am me I am Hispanic, I am Black, indian, and yes white. A childish, immature girl requests to be my friend today, and i am one to read another's profile before adding. so i click on her page first thing read is " I HATE ...
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  • party power bottom

    06/26/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Horny,
    Looking for a group of men 2 use me and abuse me before the night is over I've been looking for a week and yet to find willing to do any and everything that this group of men would like to do to meI have proof that I am clean disease free so you can creampie at all you want2 men I will settle for but one on one action not interested looking to get gang banged before the night is over if you're interested and would like to see pictures email me babbyeldawg3 at gee mail it ...
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  • Return to Civility

    06/26/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Happy,
    Something needs to be addressed. Men, we are not at our best. Every time we see a woman's breast, we devolve into animals. We see these women as instruments to satisfy a carnal need and little else.

    We are better than that. We are strength and powerful, and yet the sight of tits reduces us into grunting cavemen. We comment on a woman's pics, telling them exactly what we would do to them, as though it would make a difference.

    Brethren, we are better than that. We are not animals.

    This is nothing against the women. They must look after their

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