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Daddys Girl.

Hello everyone, my name is Essence. This is a sex blog I am starting called Daddy's Girl. I decided to start this blog because I feel like ladies are very secretive about their sex like and I surely use to be no exception. I was raised to understand a lady should be seen not heard. I live a fast paced life style and I've seen and done and also grown to like a lot of things most women will never tell you or admit to so I would like to be one of those few voices. My blogs ...

A Dance with Fate

A Dance with Fate

What secrets rest upon your lips?
What pleasures drip from your fingertips?
It is just you and me tonight
In the soft glow of moonlight
My lust hangs in the air
As I am bound to this chair
Eyes of blazing sapphire
Stir this forbidden desire
To feel your kiss
Know your bliss
I stare into your eyes
Enthralled and Mesmerized
My gaze slowly drifts
Down to your luscious hips
Where the fabric of your dress
Holds you tightly in its caress
You shift to one side
Exposing your naked thigh
Craving every part of you
Wondering what you plan to do
You are my oblivion
Yet I long for your passion

Fear grips my chaotic mind


Real People

What's up All the fake People on Here Wheres The Love ? Talk to me I talk back...


I'm starting to wonder if this is a site. I've had 2 conversations here and at least one of them is fake. The second they ask for a credit card they get blocked. So are there any real people here?...