• Cali real freaks

    04/17/2014 mood: Horny, music:
    I'm shocked by the replies I get when it comes to being on this thing "some of you dudes need to specify more that you don't like to fuck with man cause if not stated I figure you are bi are curious are just gay.., women if you have a problem with it voice your issue are forever hold your thoughts to yourself " a real pussy monster and I'm not about to pay for shit where the real freaks at...
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  • i hate

    04/17/2014 mood: Angry, music:
    I hate internet white knights. People who tell me shit like your not fat, don't let the people who talk down to you on your pics get to you. Fuck you assholes. If you read my profile you would know that's my fetish. I get off to and masturbate reading the really mean comments. So people if you read this non of these comments effect what I think of myself...
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  • Weather ruining my plans :(

    04/17/2014 music:
    So much for that. I've never been on a ferris wheel before. This is probably because I do not like heights. This doesn't mean I haven't been curious. Last week, it was about 80 degrees outside or felt like it. It was nice dress weather and I took full advantage of that. I even closed the vents and turned on the AC. Thinking the nice weather would continue (-eye roll-), I dug out my short shorts and mini skirts. There is a ferris wheel near me and I wanted to wear said mini skirt.......with no underwear. I wanted ...
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  • What would you do next?

    04/17/2014 topic: Literotica, music:

    When I finally get you to myself, I'll kiss your lips softly and kiss your neck softly.. All while sitting on your lap.. I loosen your pants and pushes you back on the bed. I lick down your stomach and takes out your dick and licks the tip.. I'd do anything you want as long as you return the favor.. 

    Your turn.... Complete the story...

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