• Inderstament

    02/06/2016 topic: Life,
    Hmm my mood right now would be better served by saying I'm quite perplexed. Let me begin by rehashing my quantum disdain for local sex selling I'd call it ametures in the sex industry. I'll further explain I'm talking about prostitutes now I've learned to reserve my sentiment until propositioned myself. Listen I get it "its the oldest profession in the world" yeah all that garbage what I'm saying is there's no way u can convince me that its cool and that u ain't one square as bum if u out here paying for pyssy or whatever else. ...
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  • In need....

    02/06/2016 mood: Disapointed,
    Trying so hard to earn money selling underwear because i'm seriously in a lot of need of cash... But nothing yet :( If anyone is interested, contact me:
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  • If you like aHoles, I'm your guy

    02/06/2016 topic: Dating, mood: Angry,
    Possible Headlines:
    If you like assholes, I'm your guy.
    Male seeking F to use and string along
    Seeking long term but not really
    M Tired of Emotional women so why not a guy

    From: 571 242 6902

    To: Me

    Im an asshole, not the nice guy that i thought i was when we first met. i lied to you and i didnt care about you, i led you on and took advantage of you. . i treated you inhumanely, i disregarded any feelings you had in favor of mine. i am selfish and didnt care how you felt, you were the one always trying and

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