• My blogs

    05/20/2016 topic: Literotica,
    I received an interesting message from a blog reader...I blog here about fantasy, others situations, as well as my own...those friends who were on my old page know this, but new readers may not...I am a voice...for myself and other women who are looking for their King, for their voice...not everything I blog about is real...if you take my blogs to heart, it's okay...if you dislike them, it's okay...leave a comment...please don't message me about a blog...Thanks in advance! Smooches!!!...
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  • BBC

    05/20/2016 topic: Life,
    I want to suck on a BBC right now and be taken from behind!!!  Cum all over me please..Need a big stud in local area to take me!!...
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  • I'm a stupid cunt who deserves it.

    I had a thing with a dude very briefly few days ago, might as well called it a one nighter. He raved about my head-giving skills. I guess he said I was intelligent, or whatever but more about how I sucked dick well. I guess that's all I'm good for- not to GF or wife up that's fine...he was leaving after 8yrs of school here anyway. One last score before he left. You think you got a cool person but you end up being another warm hole, worthless piece of fatty fuckmeat. Dumb to believe, dumb to try, ...
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  • I don't want any Kings

    05/19/2016 topic: Literotica,
    Black guys are always talking about how they treat Black women like Queens. There is an asterisk attached to that statement. They are all for saying it yet the moment they find out a Black woman doesn't have a dating preference for them, they are the most rude, vile bunch of men you'd ever see. They go to name calling, write huge paragraphs about what's wrong with you when they were so interested mere minutes ago.

    If they treat women so good, why should her dating preference matter? If Black guys treat women like Queens, shouldn't they treat a

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