• feelin 100%

    09/30/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Happy, music: don't need any made our on
    Just put pic's up of me riding that dick n getting it from da back. this man has been god sent n i love da sex n da head OMG da head mind blowing. leave u shakin...
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  • My life so far.

    09/30/2014 topic: Friends, mood: Full of life, music: TECHNO!
    I will be 39 years old soon, and one thing i have learnt in all my years, is this... Some people, without knowing me, hate me... well, maybe hate is too strong a word... they are jealous of me, so the only way they can relate to me is with contempt, because they think if they insult me, they somehow project themselves onto the same level as me... I have no time for these people... I have earned my position; not through blind hate, but respect for real emotions... real courage; the ability to express the personal, when ...
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