• no strings

    01/27/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music:
    Super horny.... I feel like giving some head right now.... just unloose you belt buckle and just massage every inch of you.. caressing your body as I melt the stress of today away. Then slowly start kissing and softly licking my way down to you spot...going fast then slower working my tongue as flex and jump in my mouth as you puLLC me closer because of how it's making you feel. HHearing you moan from how great you feeling... and a after a while of intense mind blowing pleasure, you cum so hard ...
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    01/27/2015 topic: Literotica, music:

    1. There are even more positions in which you can do nothing.

    2. Nothing is free.

    3. You can do nothing with anybody, at any time, and nobody will spread nasty rumors about you.

    4. You can eat or sleep while you do nothing, and nobody will be offended.

    5. It's perfectly alright to look bored while you do nothing.

    6. While you may get fired for doing nothing at work, you probably won't get sued for it.

    7. Keep those hard-earned pounds -- do nothing!

    8. No man would dream of forcing a woman to do nothing.

    9. The less

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  • Seeds of Desire

    01/27/2015 topic: Literotica, music:
    Seeds of Desire

    Seeds of desire planted in your mind
    Growing slowly through the garden of time
    Blooming into heated fantasies
    The flower of your sensuality

    Delicate fingertips
    Brushing over moist lips
    Bodies pressed tightly together
    Passionate words float like feathers

    Gentle tongues dance in grace
    As your heartbeat quickens its pace
    Sweat drips across silky skin
    Burning from desires awakening within

    Eyes locked in lustful stare
    Moans of pleasure drifting through the air
    Crashing against each other like ocean waves
    Bringing this sexuality that you crave

    Muscles tighten in the thralls of ecstasy
    Passions explode with great intensity
    Collapse into the arms of your lover
    Finding serenity in one another

    Staring softly into starlight
    Whispering tenderly into the night

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