• Touch

    06/30/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny,
    Touch As I look into your eyes Its such a powerful glance Locked on your every movement I slowly fall into a trance Totally hypnotized my senses You make my hormones want to dance Undressing you with my mind Whenever I get the chance, Place your lips to mine Let me hold you close & hug you Peel you out your shirt Then your jeans I’ll unbuckle My fingers tickle your skin Craving just to touch you As they roam all over your body Finding their way to your phat bubble, Let me pull you close Shut your eyes & free your mind As you focus on my nails Raking leisurely down your spine Beads of ...
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  • Fred1227 behind a screen hating goat monkey stop it lol

    06/30/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Happy, music: Mercy Kanye West
    This lame retard came at me for what? not acknowledge his small ass dick are being a thirsty ass bitch. You sound lame really cause I refuse to fuck everything that move. For one Angel do not bed hop you goat monkey. Second why I'm here lol its no surprise jack ass I like sex I rather be safe then sorry. S.t.d is not something I rather not deal with. I'm to healthy for that shit. Third I'm fucking someone already 1ilone hmm. You all in your fucking feelings behind a bitch like me. sarcasm do not ...
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  • bukkake girl

    06/30/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: In Love,
    i was hanging with marie in her room, we were supposed to be working but instead we were talking about boys and dressing up, trying different sexy outfits on and putting on real doll-like makeup, giggling and being cute in our undies, when marie's mom came into the room all agitated. mom! don't you knock?! marie said, we froze. marie's mom rolled her eyes when she saw us like that then asked marie, did you turn in your college registration? today is the deadline you know, this afternoon! oh, shit! marie said. i forgot! marie's mom rolled her ...
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  • Freaknit Eyes Wild Shut Swingers Party

    06/30/2015 topic: Literotica,
    Hosted By: Couples After Dark When: Friday Jul 10, 2015 at: 10:00 PM Where: Hyde Park / Chicago
    Lake Shore Hotel Description: Date: Friday July 10, 2015 at: 10:00 PM 50 Shades Of Grey Chicago Private Couples Lingerie & Pajama No Pressure Orgy Party Friday July 10th 2015 10pm-4am Upscale All Nationality LifeStyle Summer Sexuality Bash. Hype Park Lake Shore Hotel log on to rsvp & to get pre sale tickets limited rooms & capacity for the Grand Opening Party, So limited amount of tickets will be sold 1st come & 1st serve , No single guys allow &
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