• make u nut mami

    07/25/2015 topic: Literotica,
    Your long hair lies across my hand, wraps about my wrist, I tilt your head, and bare your neck, so ready to be kissed. And though I sit behind, you know my eyes are dark and calm stroke your cheek, caress your face and let you kiss my palm. I press you forwards on the bed, caress you more and more Across your back, your ass and legs then dip into your core. I tug away the flimsy cloth that separates our flesh Feeling your wet lustful openness as our sex begins to mesh Your long hair is a delightful frame for your ecstatic face, My hands upon your shoulders pull you back with ...
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  • Sex Stories

    07/25/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny,
    Its pouring raining outside & its late at night am just gettin off work waitin on the bus u see me in ur truck in my rain coat and boots u watch my umbrella blow away & offer me a ride... am all wet I take off my coat & u can't help to notice my wet blouse showin my breast ur d!ck gets hard..enough for me to notice so return the favor of u givin me ride I reach for ur d:ck u sit back & let me pull it out fm ur so big and ...
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