• Teen Stories

    08/24/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    I thought that my fourteen-year-old daughter was mature for her age until I saw her in the local grocery store with her two best friends. I was down an aisle and she didn’t see me so I just watched as she flirted with the boy behind the cash resister. They were all the same age and basically the same size too. They were wearing sexy little tops over their skimpy bikini tops. I could only imagine that they had their bikini bottoms on too under their tight little shorts.

    I watched as they played with their hair, straightened their

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  • Stay horny

    08/24/2015 topic: Life, mood: Horny,
    Now that I dont smoke cigaretttes any more, sex is my stress reliever, my question is How do I stop this craving for sex? I wake up hot N wet, I go to sleep thinking about fucking. I need answers quuck. (ladies dont be afraid to respond)...
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