• i ha** when...

    10/17/2014 music: everything, except rock and country.
    Guys uses us chicks just for the sex. )-; )-; UGH. Like, whaddafuck????? that's what happened to me tnight with an army guy. Afterwards he said he wanted to go clubing, then he changes his mind and said he was tired, but was a fukin lie. :/ grrrrr. this sh** pisses me off!!!!. ...
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  • question

    10/17/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    I got a question 4 CHUBBY BUNNIE..... do u like anal cuz I wanna fuck u up the ass n make u shit on my dick... I wanna smell that ass.... I wanna see that DOOKIE all over my my dick...
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