• BBC needed

    08/01/2015 topic: Literotica,
    I want a BBC to give me a beautiful mixed baby. You don't have to pay a dime. I'm ready for kids. If you want to be a part of its life I'm ok with it. But if you want to have no responsibities and just know you made a woman's sense of worth be known...
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  • Tampa life

    07/31/2015 topic: Friends, mood: Bored, music: hip hop rap dubstep reggae rock
    Its difficult finding friends fwbs n such where ever I go everyone is so far away I wish I had my own car already hopefully soon I will maybe ill be able to mingle with people in Tampa n Florida alike eh a person to kik message with every now and then would be nice but hey can't win em all im not sure how this blog thing works maybe someone can explain or whatever anyway starting my life in tampa wish me luck peeps maybe ill do another if people like this one we'll see...
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