Almost forgot girls like this exsit

So I met a girl online who was going to be passing through my area the other night. We had spoken earlier  that morning and I was expecting to meet her earlier in the day while all my roommates where away ( because I make things loud when it comes to sex). She later told me she wasn't going to be here till late night and I thought shit that won't work so well ain’t trynna piss off the homies have to work in the morning lets have some outdoor fun ( cause I know all the freaky ...

How I had my pussy shaved in Mission district of S.F.

I had my pubic hair waxed, shaved by a partner, used depilation creams, but never I had my pussy shaved in a men barber shop.
I started to wonder about how it would feel to be shaved by a professional barber with a razor.The idea was getting me more and more curious and my exhibitionism added some weight to it.
So one day on my way home from a friend's wedding( in a church), I drove through the upper Mission district of San Francisco.
I saw a nice barber shop there before and liked the looks of the barber. When I


Let's warm up

Let's have a great time of passion. Start by wildly kissing all over each other's bodies. I'll kiss your neck, breast and nibble on your ear. Feeling the rush you push me down and kiss me chest and abs. You remove my clothes and begin to lick my balls and them take me in your mouth, slobbering slurping and sucking my dick passionately until I unleash a huge load for you to take. As I release I throw you off of me and onto your back, snatch your panties off and dive my face right between your


Rid of fake guy friend pt3

Let me break it down this way. When I'm friends with a guy, I am comfortable. I don't have to worry about yet another guy trying to get with me, flirt with me, want me or pretending because he wants whatever. I feel SAFE. Safe because guy friends aren't interested (assumed because to me they wouldn't say friendship if they wanted other) and I don't have to worry about them wanting me like that, trying anything, doing anything or anything. I feel RELAXED. I don't have to worry about dodging them or doing anything like that because they


Rid of another fake guy friend pt2

Adding to the last post, Tim. I unadded him after he told me he was interested in me mentally and physically. Talked about how I wouldn't date him, etc. We're FRIENDS. Why are you worried about if I'd date you? We're FRIENDS. I liked him as a friend and vented to him a lot despite him saying how I'd be a good fuck mentally and physically. I ignored it because he had a great personality. But after him bringing up his interest and dating multiple times, I unadded him because I felt uncomfortable with him as a FRIEND.



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