• Honeymoon play toy

    05/03/2016 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny,
    So I told y'all about the guy I fucked on his wedding day. Well him and his wife took me on their honeymoon with them. They got me on the same flight with them to Costa Rica. They have me sit in between them. I'm the long flight we all got under a blanket and all started playing with each other. We finally get to the hotel and get checked in. We didn't waste anytime. We instantly got naked. They said they had a surprise for me in the bedroom. so I go in there his wife Hannah ...
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  • Las Vegas fun

    05/02/2016 topic: Literotica,
    when the sex is good, I sometimes write, share first with my partners to correct and critique, then share

    If the Venus de Milo by Michaelangelo is the perfect female form and beauty, at another time in history, she would have been the model as Michaelangelo sculpted the statue. Her face was perfectly formed with brown eyes that seemed to sparkle when she smiled that huge smile that told you she had a bubbly fun personality. Her face was surrounded with long flowing raven black hair. She stood just 5 foot and her body was perfectly formed and toned.

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