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Topic: Friends,
Created on: Date: 05/04/2015, by bambam718

Dude from CT

So a few weeks ago i meant a guy from CT a young dude in his 20's i think he was 22.. mmm tall dark handsome fella who wanted nothing more than to fuck my pink pussy.. i wanted to tease him a little so i took him by his hand and lead him to my kitchen he had his home boy with him as i had my home girl witg me i took him into my kitchen and had him feeling all over my body rubbing my ass squeezing my breast i pushed him to my wall ...

Topic: Literotica, Mood: Horny,
Created on: Date: 05/04/2015, by bootyliciouskim

this bottom got fucked outdoors part 2

So last friday i hit the park. Its been a few months since i had any cock in my ass. :( sad i know 
But i found this older guy at the park. He was ready pants down cock in hand stroking away. I walked over and bent down to my knees and sucked his big fat cock. Yup i sucked his balls and slid my tongue up and down his shaft as he was tapping my face with his cock. Then he bent me over to fuck me i was so excited. But it wouldn't fit :( because

Topic: Literotica,
Created on: Date: 05/04/2015, by fresnobutt

This site

I couldn't tell you how many times I've walked away from this site. Yet again like an addict on the relaps here I am. I can't quit you AS or all of the amazing women there in. Honestly a perverts best internet friend. Free porn, like minded fiends. Who could really complain? Guess I just wanna say thank you for exsisting ha...

Topic: Life, Music: Otep,
Created on: Date: 05/03/2015, by Joker6mcl

I can't see your stuff or message you if I'm blocked

If someone blocks you there is no way to see their profile until they unblock you....

Created on: Date: 05/03/2015, by backdoorbottom
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