Gonna try my story request again

I would love to have a story about how a couple catch me watching and masturbating to them. They invite me in just to keep Fucking and to make fun of the pathetic perv who was outside there window knuckles deep in her own pussy...

Second wife

So the other day my hubbys d I were at an office and we met this younger woman. My husband mentioned how she reminded him of someone he's real close to. He also noticed she didn't have on any rings. He enquirer about that and she said she hasn't met anyone that she desires. Well we asked her if she'd be interested in having lunch with us to which she seemed apprehensive at first but agreed. We sat in a booth and my hubby sat next to her. We told her we were looking for a third to ...

feeling left out

I see profiles of ladies with them sucking and fucking dick....yet alone many many men too....but looking at mine i feel left out not having pics of females on my dick sucking or fucking....i feel a lame loser not having any....yet ladies wanna see me with females on my dick but how can i when i dont get laid or even be allowed to take those pics when i do get laid....i have the worst luck with women and being sexual bc of my pierced dick....shit yet alone i never not once have had a 3 some with ...

I do go to dating sites looking for friends pt2

Follow up to last post

>>A guy: You have to meet guys 1/2 way 9/10 the whole let's be friends first is bullshit anyway. Just try to go along with it and nab the guy. You get too worked up about the whole friendship thing you may let THE guy slip away. Flip it the other way around and it's the girl wanting friends first and the guy wanting more . He's going to go along with everything because he's after the prize. he's gonna agree with you until he gets what he wants. If we bullshit y'all and


I do go to dating sites looking for friends

Dang, and that 25yr old middle eastern guy was cute. I am NOT on a dating site for friendship. To me, if you like a girl, you go on dates to get to know her. Talk to her and see where it goes, if it develops into something serious. NOT "friends first" like he was asking.

To me, friends first is only some GUY concept. It's a guy thing. Not a woman thing (hardly). I've seen so many guys bitch about the friend zone. IMO, some women don't do the whole friends first thing. I don't. The moment the


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