• pussy and dicks

    10/29/2014 topic: Dating, mood: High, music: Rock n roll
    Well I went out partying and meet a sexy girl that took me over and gave me her hot pussy with her friends in the other room. I ate her pussy tasting cum inside it and sucked it good for her. She told me she had fucked several guys all ready and did I like there cum? I said yes I did so she got a couple of them to come let me suck there big dicks and swallow there cum for them to. I did and loved doing them both. Then she asked if I was gay ...
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  • no into

    10/29/2014 topic: Life, mood: High, music: yo gotti act rite
    Im not into trannys nor dudes so niggas leave ya boi b im a coo dude but i dont like that gay shit its plenty dl niggas on here im us not one i love pussy nothin sweeter except a couple staxx im only bein honest...
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  • horny

    10/28/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Don't know, music:
    Well im looking for a sexy black guy from memphis or mississippi to let me give them the best head of there life watch as these hand do the talkin and this sweet mouth i have on me i just got a tongue ring the other day and i love bbc dreads tattos guys are a plus u can kik me at thugrule32 sexy guys from ms and yes i love cum fwm guys...
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  • threesome

    10/28/2014 mood: Horny, music:
    Me n my boyfriend r lookin for a female n da Tenn. area must b d/d but no problem wit drinkin must b willing to travell or u can b picked up trust u will enjoy...
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