• on the go

    10/01/2014 music: country
    Riding these roads for our most recent road trip, I figured my bestie and I would need some essential supplies fir the trip.... Gallon of water, check. Coffee, check. Fox tail anal plug, check! LOL! I feel like Miami is calling us this week. Ive been sitting in my waist trainer wrap all day and doing my keagels (; so im feeling pretty fit and shit over here. Bestie and I are going to find a rest area cuz this bladder of mine can hold no more! I see everyone out and about on this fine first of the ...
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  • Join me for a one night stand this friday or sunday night! :)

    10/01/2014 topic: Dating, music:
    Hey guys and girls. I want a really nice one night stand this weekend on friday and sunday. Iwill be making them videos and putting them up on my profile. :) Also if you want to fuck me, I will need proof of STD test if we meet. You have a few days to find out, so just let me know that you are interested and can prove your std with papers, and I wil make your TS fantasies come true. I only do bottom with men if anyone is curious. ...
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  • pornstar

    10/01/2014 mood: Horny, music:
    would you like to be in Adult Entertainment business? Travel the world and be free to do whatever.Then this is your chance to do just that I mean who wouldn't want to get paid for having fun?so if you are tired of living the boring life and start living the fun and exciting life then all you got to do is call 2178169099 or inbox me hoodpornstar...
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