• Who wants a submissive bitch to give you AMAZING head? (I swallow...every drop)

    02/11/2016 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music: SOUND OF MY FINGERS GOING INSIDE ME...

    Just a cum loving slut craving my daily dose of a huge fat nutt... If you want the BEST head you have EVER received contact me .... If you're straight and kinda curious but wanna do it on the low, send me a PM I wont say a word... >:) I'm serious about this... I'm in the Orlando (altamonte springs) Area... hit me up daddies....

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  • Sexy chick ts from Brooklyn 💋

    02/11/2016 mood: Full of life,
    Really disappointed on what type of individuals who hit me up on here. I am not attracted to overweight men Looking to vibe with sexy slim in shape well hung African American brothers. Not into Spanish or white guys. So if you look in the mirror and you know you sexy hit me up. I will block all you fat guys, ugly guys, and little dick basterds 💯...
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  • Just another psycho ex gf

    02/11/2016 topic: Games, mood: Disapointed,
    Not doing too good. I said I was caring less due to all I was doing. How the revenge was making me feel better. That it was making me not care about him and hate him. How doing all of this is making me want him even less and is helping my broken heart cope. It is/ was. I still held hope though as crazy as it sounds. I was hoping this would be a scared straight thing. That posting his number online and cat fishing myself pretty much would make him finally appreciate what he had by ...
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  • My King Found Me

    02/10/2016 topic: Literotica, mood: In Love, music: Lauryn Hill Nothing Even Matters and Tell Him
    I'm so confused, but fully aware that He found Me. I have never asked GOD for my perfect man. I have loved a few wrong ones to know when the right one is in my view. He found me. I'm sitting here in awe of His intelligence, in awe of His perception of my heart. I don't feel worthy, but He continues to reassure me that it is He who is blessed with knowing me. He is patient, sweet and kind. He found me. He is strong, and possessive, and fearless. Lol He found me. He is loving ...
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  • My kind of sex

    I don't know if this makes me a rarity on this site or not, but even if I'm in a hookup situation, I like to have some kind of passion in my sex. I need it to be slow, sensual. I love using my hands to explore, feel warmth, feel my partner's reactions. I need to feel desired. I love a woman who uses her hands on me - whether it's sensual rubbing, or nails in my back. I like it slower at first - take in the sexual energy and feel the tension and experience. I like ...
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