• I think I'm done

    08/26/2015 mood: Bored,
    I think it's bout time for me to get off of here to many fake pages and there no women on here from philly and if they are on here they not real freaks...
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  • One of my sexcapades..

    08/26/2015 topic: Literotica,
    This is the original meeting: I got a hotel room and took my potential new sugar there. She wanted to break up with her boyfriend but that meant looking for a new place, and I was going to be giving her an allowance. We started with some very heavy passionate French kissing hands roaming.. she has a sweet ass.. my hands inside her pants massaging her ass... tongues engaged.. noticed she had a tongue ring.. my tongue playing with the tongue ring bodies pulsing against each other.. she is straddling me as I sit on the bed.. my ...
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    08/26/2015 topic: Art & Photography, mood: Don't know,
    Where my ebony kitties from ages 25-35 at??? Come chat with me come work for me. I promise you won't be disappointed let's network with each other........
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  • Alcohol = Horny and Impulsive

    08/26/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Don't know,
    I go out to bars or a party at least once a week. Sometimes more. I have a blast, but lately I'm getting into way too many crazy situations. It's not always my fault, but sometimes I bring it on myself.

    If I have more than a couple beers/shots, I wind up taking off my clothes, talking about sex, and generally being inappropriate and horny. I usually get  my way, because guys get interested when a girl takes off her dress and is wearing nothing but a little thong. I'll spare you details, but you can imagine what kind

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