• sucks

    This site is starting to suck tons of fake ppl..then ppl add u they dont talk so y add me that simple its getting to be stupid thinking about taking my site down ..or u have pppl that will say hey u reply n then get nothing back y evn bother to say hey or do u just add me to creep me has to be a reason and ppl dont talk so what is it u telll me???...
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  • Bigger Is Better, Right?

    05/30/2016 topic: Life, mood: Horny,
    So I've decided to take my measurements again since it's been about  months, and I  still get questions about that. I am  now  a 34DD-28-62. Yes  my grew to a crazy 62 inches! No more wearing shorts outside  in public LOL.
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  • So many different directions

    05/30/2016 topic: Life, mood: Don't know,
    The great and late David Bowie sung about changes, but fuck that. Because of a now ex friend and his bf losing his sanity and abandoning my struggling friends , I'm moving out,well I figured after damn near starving for two weeks, I can't make it on my own. Not anymore. I refuse to trick, sell drugs or find a sugar daddy, so it's time to room with some friends now. They need help anyway, extra hands and company so here I am. I told my mom and she didn't sound thrilled. Where I'm moving is way across ...
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  • O.D. Horny

    05/30/2016 topic: Life, mood: Horny,
    They say being horny, just a state of mind... well my state of mind is screaming @ me & will not shut up. Jerking off quick fix ain't getting it anymore....
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  • these women

    05/30/2016 topic: Life, mood: Angry,
    I don't know why these women like that everybody got a reason not to show themselves on cam. I don't have a cam is the main reason but anybody with a phone has a cam wow I'm not into that type of bs. It really don't make no sense...
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