Finally part1

After many years of searching I finally found him(BigDaddy). We met at a card party I was getting my spades on like always. I was at the table but I could feel him undressing me with his eyes . He walked over and grab a chair and set directly behind me. He whisper in my ear that he had been watching me since I walked in he then grabbed my ass. He kept whispering lil things in my ear like u have sum big suckable breast. He then said he was gon spank my ass tonight. That last ...

Same ex gf ends up being a slut

my same ex gf I wrote abt getting fucked inda park!!! well after awhile I forgave her she ended up sending me pics nd had gud phne sex since she wasn't in person yet,her name was Tiffany , well she was yunger lik 17 I was in my early age maybe 23 or so,she hung out wth her friends went to house parties, I let her as long as she called nd textd me. well a Friday niylte I let my babes go chill nd she got buzzed textn nd calling me,mmmmm I was hrny AF she made ...

Feel That?

Feel that?

The single finger tip at the nape of your neck,

Tracing it's way down, across each bump on your spine, feather light.

Joined by a second finger, offset, down the small of your back,

Dividing into two as it reaches the cleft,

Over the smooth roundness of your rear, over,

Down the back of your leg, the back of your knee, across the calf,

And then up, along the inside of the leg, the inside of the thigh.

A brief touch at the bottom of your labia, and back, over the bottom cheek, and up your side,

A trace along the side of a breast,


Braiding The Cord

Braiding the cords, the slippery silk against my fingers,
Slippery like the slik scarf around your eyes.
The blue silk and green, coming together,
Watching the cord grow like your arousal.
The brush of silk against silk,
The brush of silk against skin.
Coil of braided cord reaching the floor,
Enough around your wrists, holding you down.
My fingers turning the loom around, deftly weaving,
Echoing my fingers on your skin, deftly exploring.
Brush of silk against my fingers,
Brush of silk against your breasts.
Coiled cord, awaiting purpose,
Coiled desire, awaiting release....


A new site for me to try. 

Is it wrong for me to want to be around people like me?  Those who aren't afraid of sex, those who don't mind showing their appreciation?

I'll freely admit that I love women.  I love any woman who thinks that she's sexy.  But don't be a cocky bitch about it.  Just enjoy the fact that people want to enjoy you.  

And if you're one of those who is a real enough person to share... Then I want to talk with you.  We may never meet, but we can always hope.  And if we