• I dominate

    05/21/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    i like my adventures to start out in public . my name from now on is master . for everything u ask me .its needs to start off with " master can i " ... if u disobey me you have to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, later on well goto the hotel room. well get in the shower. your going to wash your masters body, as i choke you , while in the shower your going to worship my fat dick . bang my dick against your throat until you throw up. im going ...
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  • it's been awhile

    05/21/2015 topic: Life, mood: Bored,
    It's been awhile since i've written a blog and I'm way past overdue. I've been doing what I normally do and that's work work and work some more and fuck somewhere in between working. I've made some new videos but I just didn't feel like editing and loading them up. Yea I don got lazy with my vids...
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  • Feelings of an old guy

    05/21/2015 mood: Full of life,
    Dirty old man, making a statement: The weekend is coming and I'm willing to become your sex slave for a day. All the freaky little things your man won't do I will, the things you like to do but won't it okay, "you will" and am going to make you love it.

    Interested partiesĀ 

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  • Aw how sad ...

    05/21/2015 topic: Literotica,
    Lames is making up fake pages thinking I don't know what's good.??. Hahahahahahahaha Damn that's sad.. Folks really must have a shit load of time on their hands.., Damn I must really be that bitch.. Lmao... My goodness what do these catfish want with little ole me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Eat ya hearts out..!!...
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