• The Proposal

    07/19/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    The Proposal

    I always had a thing for the men belonging to other races other than my own add in an accent and my panties never stand a chance. That being said, I cannot figure why I suddenly have the urge to lick this delectable specimen of a man standing in front of me. The more I looked at him the more intense the feels inside me became and I’m not talking about my good girl feelings. He stood at least 5’11” and his skin was the color of melted chocolate. He had eyes shaped like almonds and the

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  • Untitled

    07/19/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    If these walls could talk
    They’d have so much to say
    Not just about the passionate sex
    But the blowjob I gave today
    They’d tell you about how
    I watched my prey undress
    With such anticipation I began
    To fondle my breast
    Until he finally stood naked
    Looking ravishing in all his glory
    But it was his dick that caught my eye
    It looked as if belonged in only a story
    My mouth began to water
    As he sat on the edge of the chair
    His dick was big, the veins pulsing
    All I could do at first was stare
    As I looked my fill
    His dick beckoned me to
    drop to my knees
    I grabbed it

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  • lonely

    07/19/2014 music:
    This is one of those times where I wonder why am I with someone. Why am I with someone when I feel MORE lonely and sad while being with someone, having someone vs being alone and single? I'm still not getting what I need, the emotional, the affirmations. I'm not getting the words I need to hear, things that make me feel loved, cared for, special and all of that so it's like I'm alone anyway. To me, having someone and the absence of all of that is just a reminder, a constant one of what I'm not

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  • nerd guys always feel the need to test me

    07/19/2014 music:
    So I'm watching Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll and thinking about a few things.

    One is tuxdarien from here. I contacted him due to the obvious anime ref in his screen name. Again, screen names get my attention (like when I contacted cronocross for obvious reasons but since he wanted 'immediate fun', where I wanted a FRIEND w/ benefits, not just benefits, nothing happened). Apparently I'm not worth talking to if I don't want to talk Bleach, Naruto and all the MAN animes. He stopped talking when I said I like the girly stuff. I guess this also means

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