Art of Dick Sucking

*Quick disclaimer*
This is going to make you look nasty as fuck I.MEAN.NASTY.AS.FUCK! Because when I get my dick suck I like it to be on some porno star shit, super freak. You gotta suck this dick like you’re the Fridah Kahlo of dick sucking. Fellatio is an art.
Dick Head
Spit on it
Lick it
Head Suction (especially when you want to make him ejaculate)**
Kiss it (Do this often, if you really like him or he makes you cum a lot)
Spit on it
Jerk it
Deep throat it
Beat your face with it
Cuff the BALLS
Massage the BALLS
Suck the BALLS
Lick the BALLS
Tug the Balls (Gently) (FUN


Wind Tunnel Pussy

WTF is going on with these females with these Wind Tunnel Pussies ? (Pussy with No Walls) . Now i don't have the Biggest Thickest Dick nor do i have the Smallest one . Some of you females need to 1) do some Kegs 2) Stop letting dudes just dig you the fuck out maybe ABSTAIN from the dick for a while cause having a Wind Tunnel Pussy is no good . I have come across 3 females with Wind Tunnel Pussies the last one was so loose i could dribble a basketball in it and still not


i crave huge dick daddys!

Ive always had a fetish for wearin panties gettin a friend hard and lettin him do as he pleased with me! Its a little different nowadays. I went to prison and saw my celly had a huge cock one night as i snuck a peak while he stroked it. The dilemma began there and i craved to try it. I decided idpretend to b asleep and take in mysleep so he knew i craved it. After two days i thoughtthe whole prison knew i wanted it but to my surprise under mypillow was a lil green thong and


sext/dm/cyber sex

Just wanna stroke myself for any lady. I do rp and have plenty of fetishes im willing to share. I also do cumtributes. Message me here or on my twitter @incubus_curse. Will do anything to cum and been jerking it for the past 3 hours mmmmm...

Win I'm high on the right high

I don't smoke crack but right now pop my first pill ... And it got me horny call me gay I like it all .. Win I'm like this wish I can fine a lady like that ... Let me get high off that ex and she fuck me .... But Luke I said this a sex site fun fun fun we all trying to get fuck or fuck bust a nut or bust a nut .... But this my blog . I'm horny .cant get no pussy so .. Bout to let 3big dicks fuck this ass