• real vs fake

    05/18/2016 mood: Don't know,
    Just you women...actually wanna meet...I understand the concerns of meeting...but there are some mainly me Kool respectful men that like to enjoy sex..fucking...freaking play.....
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  • ruff sex

    05/18/2016 topic: Literotica,
    I think of your dick I put it all the way in my throat I get going it's going to suck it really slowly then restart the fuck I put a rope around my neck I actually try really hard but she was scared to do it so I did it myself I tell you to choke me harder and harder with the Rope did not hear you can cut my hands I can't move you to take my pussy and suck me really good fuck really hard you fuck deep and deeper and deeper into a coma ...
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  • I guess I'm not bisexual

    05/18/2016 topic: Life,
    I thought I was bisexual till the other nite. Now I think I'm strait with bisexual fantasies. Fantasies that I want to stay fantasies. I sucked a couple cocks when I was a teenager. Since then I've had fantasies about doing it again. I've always loved pussy more but the fantasies were there. Then I tried again the other nite. I tried but just wasnt in to it. He was a sexy man. The kind I fantasize about. I just wasn't interested. I've been thinking about it and I think the idea off it turns me on but when ...
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