• Indifference

    05/17/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Don't know,
    What is funny is that in life you never know how your feeling at the moment when you become always reflect back on to what could have been done differently or your scared you made the wrong choice with breaking up.....yet at the same time you feel exhilarated because your hopeful.... at this moment im only horny.... i am bi-sexual but at this moment im in need of pussy...shaved or lightly covered is my preference...i just want to put my face between an attractive girls legs...stud, dom, fem doesn't matter at the moment. I;m attracted to whatever ...
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  • Bbws in the 540

    05/17/2015 mood: Horny,

    Hey Hornybro9inch here new to the scene. Im hoping to make sum friends on here and to meet a lot of ppl. I reside in the Augusta County Area. Im 33yrs old and love a older woman with meat on her bones. I dont club,bar,or party. thats not me I dont do it and  I xpect the same. Hornybro9inch get @me. Latr.
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  • For some reason.

    05/16/2015 mood: Lonely,
    Ok so most times I love being with women . But sometimes I love to dress up in women's clothes . I go from a straight guy . To a dirty little girl . Something about women's clothes that gets me going. I've only been with one guy in my life years ago . But lately I've been searching for more experiences with men . And for some reason uncut dick seem to be what's turning me on. But when I get super turned on I start craving one cock then 2 then more at one time . ...
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