• body jewelry

    04/18/2015 topic: Dating,
    I live in senoia ga. I have a credit with an onle company that sells body jeweley. the problem is i will not be ording anything over the next few months. i am seeking a local who is willing to meet and place an oder that will be sent to your address. Females Only. send message for more info....
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  • Looking for ideas

    04/18/2015 topic: Literotica,
    We are looking to have some fun later tonight and want to try something new. We're pretty adventurous already and have ffm 3somes often so that's off the table. I'm looking for something different, and has to be something we can do at home. Need lots of suggestions and we agreed to pick one to do. The winning suggestion will end up with a lot of pics I'm sure. Inbox or comment here. :)
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  • just let it out

    04/18/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Disapointed,
    So I invited this guy over Thursday night to hang out and I promised myself I would try not to have sex with was working for me but it seemed like the less I paid attention to him the more he attempted to get me undressed. I didn't mind and the sex was great he dug deep into my pussy stroking me wonderfully giving me great eye contact as I took these long tantalizingly deep strokes .his cock was just the right size for me and I loved how he could find different ways to give me ...
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