• please you

    08/24/2015 topic: Literotica,
    Take you home......where you find a warm bath drawn with bubbles......pull you into my arms brushing your lips with mine. The slight grazing of my tongue across your lips. I pull your shirt over your head planting kisses down your neck through your bra encased cleavage to your bely button as i am on my knees i pull your scrub bottoms to the floor with me helping you step out of them. I run my hands up and down your smooth flawless legs sending goosebumps dancing across your skin.slowly raising up never breaking eye contact i take tour ...
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  • sex rap

    08/23/2015 topic: Travel and Poetry, mood: Horny, music: stay by new edition
    I am so horny, come and please me. Do it to me do it to me. Stick dat dick in my ass, roll it around to da muthafuckin ground and get back up and put it in my butt and fuck me fuck me fuck me like a muthafuckin slut. I'mma ride dat dick like a train, oh bitch it's bout to rain. I am so horny come and please me. Do it to me do it to me. Now when u come into the room, u got to cum all over me yea, u ...
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  • The Door Is Open

    08/23/2015 topic: Literotica,
    "The door is open" I texted. I had not seen my lover for several days and my body ached for him. His strong and grounded nature made me wet just thinking of him. I couldn't stop thinking of his broad chest and large biceps. I began to run the water through my hair as my anticipation grew. I waited to hear his footsteps coming up the stairs but as I grabbed my soap and started to lather it up, the bathroom went dark and there was just the soft glow of the night light above the sink. My ...
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