• So much fun

    11/19/2014 topic: Life, music:
    I love it here I swear I do, it's fun and the people are great!! I just wish i was able to have more time to reply to everyone, well i guess it's not really time i mean more free messages is what i mean! 50 messages go too quickly for me! I wish i could afford the VIP but unfortunately it's not even affording it but hubby has no clue i'm here so hehe shh dont tell!!! SO please understand if I dont reply and you see me online I promise I will reply to your messages ...
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  • Damn

    11/19/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    Can y'all give me a break? Like damn people mad because I don't respond as fast as they think I should.. -_- I work, go to school and damn it I been sick with a bad cold. Damn all these other naked women on Adultspace and y'all harass me. Another thing, I just turned 20 this month. PLEASE stop trying to get at me if you're 47 or some ish..not okay. Then if you say "hey, let me get your number", I just won't answer. You know how many people ask that, imagine if I have everyone ...
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  • Marlene and nursing.

    11/19/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music:
    I currently work at a nursing home, and they'll tell you it was the beginning of the loss of my "self". I am 25, my name is Marlene, not to brag but I have a nice body, small tits and a fine ass round and firm. I am white skin and black hair. Makeup Always well maintained and serviced.

    At the nursing home was very boring, so I despreocupaba my clothes, but had necklines and skirts ... what was going to feel old? their times and lived and would have no interest in that type (so I thought).

    I spent

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