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Ok ladies lets see those nice big or small tits and asses. Big or small its about the HOTTEST one NOT biggest or smallest

This group is for those who think there tits and or ass is the bomb and can't be overlooked walking down the street. Please leave lots of pics and I will pick a winner for each week. The more the better! Please leave comments on pics, it will help me decide on the winner. 1st place gets bragging rights for a week and there picture as the group pic for the week. Winner chosen every Friday. So submit those pics fast!!! Pics should have both tits and ass and they don't have to be nude to win!! NO DICK PICS FOR PROFILE WILL BE ALLOWED. U. WILL BE DELETED!!!!!

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Which is better "Soft or Firm"?
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Fake or Real, which is better?
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Hello From GG
Hello From GG
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