Chicago orgy XXX-party

Sex-party, and gang-bang events in chicago
Chicago orgy XXX-party
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Created: 11/16/2008
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Location: Chicago, United States

Chicago orgy XXX-party We will hold gang-bang, orgy, college-fuckfest, threesome, group sex whenever possible for local ppl in chicago and surrounding area. If you are interested, feel freel to join. Male and Female participants are welcomed. However, Female participants and couples will be accepted first and then male participants. ---------- Rules ---------- (1) Host will be either participant or observer or both. (2) Girls/women/ and couples are listed in the first priority and they have the rights to choose male participants they want. (3) Male participants are welcomed but you must be chosen by people in (2) in order to participate in the event. (Due to excessive male app) (4) All people must be registered and make a confirmation with us before the events. (5) Safe sex practice is required. (6) Having fun. We'll update our event whenever we'll have plan to do it.

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