Chat FAQ

How do I require permission for viewing my cam?

To set your cam's permissions, you need to first enable the broadcast of your webcam, then click the eyeball in the upper left corner of the chat room.
The drop-down menu will display several options. Choose "Custom".
permissons for cam

How do I view somebody's A/V?

In order to view another users camera you will have to click on their name in the room list section.
view A/V

You can see who is broadcasting their AV by the camera or microphone next to their name. Similarly you can see who is watching your AV by the eyeball next to their name or by viewing the "Who's Watching Me" list.
broadcasting who is watching me

Who do I go to for help?

Notice the user named fostucco on the list pictured above? Next to his name is an icon of a cop, all Administrators (Admin), and Moderators (Mods) will have a gender specific police officer next to their name and their name will be bold. If you have any problems with chat or other users these people with bolder names and the police officer icon can help you. Just ask for them by name.

How do I remove a cam from a dock?

To remove a cam from a dock, you need to hover the cursor over the cam view in the dock. The cam view will expand and present buttons in the lower portion, click the 2nd button from the right, the cam pops out.
remove a cam remove a cam big pic

How do I broadcast my A/V?

In order to start broadcasting your Audio and/or Video you will need to first turn it on. To do this click on Enable button on the lower right under the room list When you do this you will be asked to grant permission to use your Mic and Webcam. After you grant permission the AV will start. You will be able to see your own feed in the 'My Webcam' area.