• Det. Garcia

    05/28/2015 topic: Literotica, mood: Full of life,
    Me and Det. Garcia, a coke bottle, latina 5'4" green eyes, juicy lips, full breast, phat pussy, phatter ass always joke and flirt. I come into the station bring her some paper as i do every morning after night shift. She was supposed to be off but she came in for a few ours. I walking in to see her leaned over her desk. Ass and pussy peaking at me with headphones in her ears. I stand there watching her as the bulge in in my uniform has grown even more. I finally say detective here you go. ...
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  • Is it a computer error or wat

    05/27/2015 mood: Angry,
    Is it a Computer error My profile says straight male & that what I im, but there's dude on here they shit says straight male to but they keep SENDING ME FRIEND REQUEST WHAT DA FUCK R U STRAIGHT OR NOT (I'M GOING TO WRITE A BLOG NAMING Them)...
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