He stood me up

Some guy just wants to annoy me apparently. I really liked him. We had things and common AND he was super cute. Met him on a dating site, we talked daily and had planned a date. We talked about relationship goals, children, what we wanted out of relationships and the future, hobbies and interests, past relationships and a wide range of topics. Then a day or two before the date, the guy just disappears. I message him multiple times on multiple days to no answer. So after feeling stood up, I give up on him.

Now all of a


Homeboy Got Some

I stayed over at my boyfriend one week. While he was out running errands one day, one of his friends came over looking for him. He couldnt keep his eyes off me. When I opened the door, I was wearing short vneck top, booty shorts, and my heels. I had the lips glossed up and the girls was poking out my top. I smirked at him and told him he wasnt homr he had to go run somewhere and I was just heading out myself. I turned around to get my purse


Gemini Kamasutra

Everyone always says the Gemini have tworked sides. But what they don't realize is that Gemini have multiple sexual personality. In the 30 years that I have been alive I have ventured each sexual personality. And I am here to tell you the story each one. Some personalities are meek and coy. While others are brutal flamboyant. They all come together to create 1 sensual individual. Carolyn: Born in a Christian household, does everything the right way. She doesn't approach guys. She doesn't flirt with guys. And she definitely doesn't ask for sex. Although she's very much attracted to guys.


Wanting a boy toy

In my h0rniness I think about what it would be like to have an fwb or a guy on hand to frequently have sex with. Then I remember that I don't do that casual, fwb, hookup, nsa mess. I remember it's only the h0rniess talking. I remember how I rather only have sex with a BF where love is involved. That I rather have sex if it's in an relationship where it's long term, committed, serious and emotional. Once I think about that, the want for a boy toy passes. Don't need that mess. Lol...

Whats up?

Looking for new friends preferably females...we can trade pics..hit me up!...

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