• Teen games ( Marco Polo )

    03/01/2016 topic: Games, mood: Full of life,
    As I mentioned before I liked going to a certain house because they had a pool. The game of Marco Polo turned out to be much more. Well at that house in the barn I was taught how to give a blow job. In the pool the game was played pretty much the same only if you were a girl and caught and it was a guy that caught you you had to stroke his dick. The other way around was the girls choice. This of course was a game played only at night. Most of us girls ...
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  • Spin the bottle with a twist

    02/28/2016 topic: Games, mood: Happy,
    As a young teenager we played the usual games but with extra fun. Remember Spin the bottle ? You had to kiss whoever it pointed to. Well that's how it started. After a while it got boring so we added to it. When it stopped not only kiss but feel up that person. Then next whoever it pointed to had to remove an article of clothing then kiss and get felt up. The girls started with their tops the boys always with their pants. By the time we were naked the real game started. When the bottle pointed ...
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  • Hide and seek

    02/23/2016 topic: Games,
    So when I was 14 after I'd lost my virginty by being forced to fuck I was told that unless I let guys fuck me I'd never have a boyfriend. When the kids in the neighborhood would get together to play hide and seek I'd always have some boy hide with me. I'd let him rub my pussy while I rubbed his dick. Sometimes I'd rub him so good he'd cum in his pants then go home to change and come back. There were many times I'd hide and a boy would follow me knowing he might get ...
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  • You're only here to post what guys enjoy

    02/18/2016 topic: Games, mood: Angry,
    Double standards much? I saw a post from a guy asking if he should leave his girlfriend over bad sex. Everyone, mainly guys told him no. Yet when I complained about the ex being bad in bed, everyone, mainly guys told me I should have left him, find better, give them a try, you name it.

    Same thing with my posts. Thirsty guys will flood this site looking for boobs, post dick pics, looking for loud, etc. No one says a word. No one reports them or whatever. Yet, I keep posting about my ex or relationships because I

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