• erotic minis

    04/16/2014 topic: Games, mood: Don't know, music:
    welll ALL out thare in adult space land i will say so meeny times i like ertioc art and mi is what i do and on the 25th of month i get go to CON at lamcaster rec and see and get ertioc minis i hope thare some frome the brothers vinny new troopers hek ben whoting thes fore long time hek a nude roket lancher girl well wit a mod on bod shel be sprting a staless stell butt pluge and shoing big ass didod out hare shooter i have plans fore oyhers to like hugen girl ...
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  • rape

    03/08/2014 topic: Games, mood: Horny, music: heavy metal
    Im going to rape Chelsea koteles tonight she might cry I told her to struggle and make it real pic will be posted tomorrow march 8th is well now the 9th wish her luck!! :-P...
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  • Watching Pacific Rim since Titanfall is over

    02/24/2014 topic: Games, mood: Bored, music:
    I was sooo addicted to the Titanfall beta. Loved how the game felt and I haven't felt that way about fps's for a long time and since the beta is over I need my robot mecha fix so watching Pacific Rim a few times helps me ease the pain until the game comes out....
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