• I'm not a guy

    02/08/2016 topic: Games, mood: Angry,
    If I'm not attracted to a certain race, I don't go out with them. I don't do what my ex 57l24269O2 did to me which was say ilu w/out meaning it, going along with a relationship he didn't want, leading and stringing me along JUST for sex, hiding me and the relationship because he doesn't like black girls, neither does his friends and didn't want to be seen with one. He was giving off the vibe that he just wanted to stay for the sex a long time ago when I started to develop feelings and didn't want ...
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  • The Game.

    11/15/2015 topic: Games, mood: Full of life,
    Well the card game went better then planned. Hubby and I got there about an hour early so we could help set up. Well the set up only took about 15 minutes. So we decided to have a little fun before game time. We stripped down and the three of us got down to business. After sucking and fucking them both I headed to the shower. The game started at 9pm and the other 4 guys were there by 9:15. Most were shocked to see me there as they'd never been in on the game. I chose ...
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