• Our First Time Sharing

    05/16/2015 topic: Friends, mood: Horny,
    A few months after we were married my wife Susie was invited to a birthday party for David an old childhood friend of hers who lived a few hours away. I had never met David but my wife talked about him all the time. She would tell me stories of them growing up and how he always had a thing for her. In high school he always tried to get her to show him her boobs and asked her out repeatedly. Despite his advances they were always just friends. Her plans for the evening were to simply drive ...
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  • 2015 update

    05/09/2015 topic: Friends, mood: Don't know,
    Sooo..i've been having a friends with benefits relationship with a neighbor...the sex is great and he is a good dude...but can anyone explain how after 3 years of constant sex if a man can carry on with the same forthought as day one...i was once told that if your fucking the same girl for more than six are going to have feeling for her...or is it that men can hide their feelings better than women? i know how to play my position but damn after 3 years it's time to put up or shut up....if you like ...
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