• Deer Camp

    11/22/2015 topic: Friends, mood: Full of life,
    Well it's that time of year. Usually my husband Ted goes north with my brothers Jim and Andy. Along with a couple of others. Usually I stay home (usually) but this year I asked if I could go. Ted looked at me and said you might not like it but if you want to you can. Only one rule NO BITCHING !! When we got there Jim and Andy were surprised I came along. They voiced their concerns and I promised to be on my best behavior. They agreed then John and Ray showed up. ...
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  • Women in 14120

    11/20/2015 topic: Friends, music: metal
    Are there any horny women in 14120,i mean a real woman,that has been on here recently?I'm always looking for new friends in my city.Let Me know,where you are&and when your ready to meet?...
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