• fuck you cancer

    11/16/2014 topic: Friends, mood: Angry, music:
    One of my best friend is dieing. She's only 35. She was a good mom, an amazing friend. She has had a rough two years and it's ending in her death. She lost her husband (he became a drug addict), she had had trouble keeping a home, because she's been so sick, and her kids (the youngest want even in school yet). Neurofibromatosis. A murderer. Idk how to deal with this, we are nearing the end. She's ready to go, and I want her to go, I'm not ready to lose her. I CAN'T imagine what it's going ...
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  • Suicide Girls

    11/13/2014 topic: Friends, mood: Don't know, music:
    I just recently found out about this site.

    A few weeks back I was challenged by a friend to find
    her nudes online.

    She is this thick natural hair, mixed white girl.
    She has a double D in the front and an ass that won't quit.
    If I get a goo chance I will be all over her. She gave me
    the hint SG to find her nudes. Found this site Suicide Girls.

    And she was there, her nudes were suppose to be there but
    because I am not a member I can not see her nudes. I was
    wondering who has a Suicide Girl Account so

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