• Careful

    04/24/2016 topic: Friends, mood: Don't know,
    Guys, if I ever travel to meet you where you live, and you have a girlfriend/wife who is away, please take proper precautions and don't get yourself or me in trouble. If I'm traveling, I like to bring lots of clothes, underwear, shoes/heels, etc... plus toys and whatever else. When I'm leaving, it has happened that panties, or a toy, or a bottle of lube has been left behind and mixed in with her stuff. She might get mad at both you and me, and I don't want to be punished excessively just for having a little fun.


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  • Ladies

    04/17/2016 topic: Friends, mood: Bored,
    Looking for the cool chicks in northern cali preferably the bay area or certain central Valley cities.... I surround myself around beautiful ladies and just like money, can never have enough...
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