09/01/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Horny, music: UR SONG
    I jus call u up out da blue,smoking n drinking to myself lookin and plyin wit my phone and I tell u dat u been on my mind lately. But on sum real shit I want to kno can I cum ova to taste u n let u hve ur way wit my face. Mmmmm.mmm, u say. An laugh...U tell me dat im plyin so i stp tlkin.So u ask me I'm I 4 real. Next thing u kno its a knock at da door. U open n I'm cumin inn. U keep asking I'm I 4 real. ...
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  • im just horny

    08/31/2015 topic: Dating, mood: Horny,
    I just been horny. All a girl wants is a real good fuck and real stimulating foreplay. Sometimes I feel I got to much energy cause when I'm ready for round 2 he tired as shit or whatever. That be a waste of my time. 20mins or less? No I want preferably an older guy cause I know they love to lick the puss 👅💦 but reason being is because most guys round my age just think bout they self. Not all of course. And same thing applies with older but idk. Its weird but I would ...
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  • Caught cheating with friend by her kid's father

    08/22/2015 topic: Dating,
    So, last night, I had a really sexy time with one of my good friends whom I really care about. We didn't have sex because she was on her period, but she did give me the best head that I had in the last two years, I do mean the best. I didn't get to cum because her baby's father was downstairs ringing the bell to come up. He was supposed to be away for the night but he ended up coming back home. I cleaned up and we rushed to the door but he was already upstairs ...
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