12/12/2014 topic: Art & Photography, mood: Full of life, music: COMMING 2015! CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR THOSE OFFICIAL,SEXY,FREAKY Trannies To feature on the site that know how to TWERK. If interested, please respond...
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  • MrOMG2014

    10/24/2014 topic: Art & Photography, mood: Happy, music: none
    I'm lmao at your petty ass!. You delete,IDGAF...really!. And I hope somebody lets you know I'm calling your ass out so that you will know. Now,with all this pussy I'm sitting on,I'm a long way from a FAGGY as you put it. Damn,do you beat your rocks off to ppls pics? If you were worthy you would not have had to ask for an invite as I stated on my page. So you since you think I'm a man..suck my dick!...
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