• Wash Your Damn Vagina!

    10/05/2014 topic: Art & Photography, mood: Bored, music: The sound of me gagging
    Look, I get it. Cream pies and all that jizz.. that's hot ... sometimes. Some people like it all the time... great for them... 

    However, there is a difference between an artfully scultped cream pie that properly accentuates your sluttiness and the hot garbage some of you horrendous women post.

    Look, if your vagina looks like someone sexually assaulted a Christmas ham then hosed it down with doughnut glaze... go wash that damned vagina you sloppy ho! Wash it! Wash it now!...
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  • Need some new ideas! :)

    09/21/2014 topic: Art & Photography, music:
    We love taking hot pics/videos of each other and love being watched, but we're running out of ideas! We're looking for some new ideas or suggestions for pics and videos to take and add to our private section. Please comment or hit our inbox with thoughts. What do you like to see? What do you look for when paging through profiles? What kind of pics do you wish there were more of on AS? Let us know, we're curious! If your suggestions look like fun, we will take some new pics, and if we use your ideas we ...
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