• Comfortabley dressed...need company

    11/26/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Bored, music:
    Iam sat in my pink 6 strap satin suspender belt, holding up a pair of black lacy topped seamed stockings, a pink peephole  bra and matching crutchless panties.

    I have a red mini-dress on, red heels, and I am in the need of some female or cd company, to do my make-up and then we can have a meal, bottle or 2 of wine, and lead one another to the bedroom for fun and frolics.

    Does anyone else have any ideas on what to do after ???  ...
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  • Thanksgiving and the turkey

    11/25/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    The history of the Thanksgiving turkey is a bit of a mystery. Nobody knows exactly how this particular bird earned a place of honor at the table each November, but historians have a few different theories.

    Thanks to letters and records kept by early American settlers, we know that when the colonists sat down to dine with the Wampanoag Indians, beef and fowl were on the menu. This historical meal would later become known as the first Thanksgiving.

    Although historians cannot say for sure which types of fowl were served up that day, a letter written by pilgrim Edward Winslow

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