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    07/04/2015 topic: Literotica,
    I want a thug ... someone tell me what i can n cant do ... enforces the rules or else ... spoils me ... big dick ... talk shit ... roleplay via texts (for now) ... dominant black men turn me on mmmm fuck im gettin wet thinkin about it ... i want sumone who can tame this pussy ... to test how dom u are ... inbox waa u would do if u came home to me fuckin two of ur boys -smirks-...
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    07/03/2015 topic: Literotica,
    AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE NOT DECLARED ON JULY FOURTH The second of July and not the fourth should be celebrated as the anniversary of American independence. It is true that the Declaration of Independence was dated “July 4, 1776,” but independence itself had been declared two days earlier. All that happened on the fourth was the approval of the final draft of the document in a vote that was not even unanimous, despite the claim made in the opening of the declaration that it was; New York did not agree to the declaration until July 19. The signing of the ...
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