• Ruff sex doggy stlye! Beast mode...

    09/20/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music: The band Insanity!
    Doggy style, yeah that's fun... Donkey style, now that's getting ruff!!! Beast mode, I beat it up! This big round dick, you know you just gotta touch! With your mouth, with your pussy! You not only fuck it, you suck it up!!! Taking every inch, every ounce of my strength... With the last drops of sweat, I leave you soaking wet!!! My shinny cock glissens, sliding from your cunt! As my cum emerges from it's hidding spots, falling to the floor... One last kiss, from me to your sexy ass!!! Now this useless man needs a nap and a shower!!! ;-)...
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  • Guys and self esteem

    09/20/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    Guys and self esteem.

    There was this one ex that would get jealous of me swooning over other men. When I say other men, I mean celebs and even ANIME men. He would get all whiny and be all "Why don't you marry them then." I commonly call celebs I like "my husband" and things. I had to sit this guy down and be all wtf because it's not like I'll ever end up with these guys, especially the ANIME ones so what the hell? Self esteem and jealousy issues.

    Another ex was better than the previous one in this

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