• Panties

    09/30/2014 topic: Literotica, mood: Horny, music:
    HELLO lovelies...

    Just to let everyone know that i have lost of panties available to genuine buyers... Please only email message me if you are a genuine male or female interested in this fetish.

    I love to think about what you do with the panties once you have them in your hands it is so horny. 

    Get in touch soon and i can send you a list of prices and also pictures 

    thanks xxx...
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  • and someone called my profile pic a fake

    09/29/2014 topic: Literotica, music:
    My fake pic?

    Sometimes I wonder if people are really that dumb. MzCONTAGIOUS claims my default pic, Lady In Red, is a fake. She says this because it's on many different sites and that she used an imagine search. No shit sherlock. It's because --I'm-- the one that uploaded it to those sites. And that image search, my results came up with WHITE women in red corsets when I did the same search. The last I checked, I'm definitely not white. I'm light skinned African American but NOT white and I look no where near WHITE. She must have

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