• What im wanting to do now

    11/25/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Lonely, music: None
    Here is what i could be doing to you right now....first i would kiss you all over your neck suck an lick them titties then i would eat that pussy nibble on that clit suck on that clit and then put daddy's tongue inside that pussy so i can taste them sweet juices and them ima let you put my dick in that pussy deep an hard fuck you with both legs in the air then turn you sideways with one leg on my shoulders an you at the edge of the bed and i would eat that ...
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  • sweet nut in my ass

    11/22/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    early this morning my neighbor knocked on my door her and her husband were fighting she needed to use my phone so I let her she got a ride her husband was crying on the porch he had found out his wife was sleeping with her ex husband I asked if he was hungry he said yes so he came over I made him a sandwich I had the urge for a long time to have sex with him now was my opportunity so I went in for the score I went to out of the room and ...
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  • women

    11/07/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Angry,
    Fuck women ya'll women and fucking shit always blocking me don't wanna talk to me fuck all of yall always treating me like a goddamn kid but I'm not in 30 years fucking old I'm a grown ass man ya'll gonna fucking respect me for who I am not calling me names like a 5th grader we are adults here so act like it enough with the name calling...
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  • Just cant get enough

    11/04/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    Its been hours since we've last touched.....It just seems like I cant get enough of you...when u left I found myself wanting more. So I laid back in my bed spread my legs licked my fingers and began rubbing my purring kitty...mmmm I'm fantasizing you standing in front of me naked...your cock is so rock hard...i imediately dropped to my knees grab your magic stick and began to lick and suck it getting it nice and sloppy wet and ready for my tight wet kitty...she's purring as Im sucking you with each stroke of my lips gripping your ...
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