• gays

    04/15/2016 topic: Stories, mood: Happy,
    I want a cool bi or gay friend where sex is not on there minds all the damn time and not so damn thirsty if that you hit me up and please be from Illinois....
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  • My freaky gay stories

    04/08/2016 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    So I'm at work and all I can think about is a big dick going in and out of my boy pussy. I'm such a whore (in my mind that is). I love men but more importantly I enjoy making their dick hard. I like to keep it stiff and please them using my tongue. I'm very oral and I love to suck dick. I remember when I was at the movie theater sucking Brian's dick. We were watching the Great Gatsby in 3D and I started feeling between his legs as I laid on his chest. Soon, ...
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  • My chocolate bitch

    04/05/2016 topic: Stories, mood: Disapointed,
    In Colorado there's a chatline call Aileen I don't know if they have that where you live one day I met this girl little chocolate thing she was so big and sexy my dick was hard as soon as I seen her she played hard to get one night she invited me over to help her clean her carpet and get ready to move I said cool she did not promise me any pussy I just wanted to get cool points so I get there we clean the carpet she looked at me like well that was cool ...
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  • Mature lady

    03/31/2016 topic: Stories,
    I watched the most gorgeous black matured lady in her 50's with a body of a 25 year old.. She was absolutely amazing... Watching her dildo her tight pussy and asshole..watching her gorgeous pussy cum over and over then squirting in was mouth watering.....
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    03/24/2016 topic: Stories, mood: Gay,
    As a feminine gay male with an imaginative mind my thoughts take me to many sexually explicit places. I think about men alot. I am now typing this wishing some sexy masculine man would come up from behind me and make me his bitch. I love wearing stockings to show off my nice legs and ass I just want them to be soaked in cum after a man has just given me the best dick I ever had. I need to please a man orally. My lips need to be wrapped around a hard and stiff DICK until ...
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