02/08/2016 topic: Stories, mood: Horny, music: sex moans and snake sounds
    Sex energy.. withholding my cum when i am about to climaxx use tongue to stimulate the flesh to take on extreme intense vibrations through my light brownskin dick by flicking of the tongue with the tip being extra wet so the sight of seeing a string of saliva can intensify the eye candy view.. brush teeth and mouth spotless so you can have that clear spit that looks like lube and not plaque spit...sucking on one anothers nipple and pausing my nutt until it starts oozing out star milk.. perfect when exercised after a week of no penetration 😍👅...
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  • Kik group

    02/05/2016 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    Hello ladies I am looking for sexy ladies to join a group on kik that I help made on kik the group is call anything goes it's a cool and fun group we post pics and video and talk about everything no bs no drama hit me up on kik bigurlluva is my kik name if u want to join just hit me up on kik ladies it's a lot of men that's in the group so come on and join the group ladies...
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  • Interesting

    01/31/2016 topic: Stories, mood: Don't know,
    Interesting social experiment I guess you can call it. I get a lot of requests for sex from men I'm in no way shape or form interested in. The fact that they contact me with crass stuff like "Let me eat that pussy" disgusts me. Yes, I know the nature of the site but I am a PERSON and I have feelings. Since I'm just an object, I started replying saying I'm going to charge them. I said I would charge them per hour, charge for my gas, they are responsible for the hotel fee which I pick ...
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