• my homeboy

    06/27/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    My friend ty came by last night to hang out with me. We watched a few movies & made small talk. The whole time we were watching movies i couldn't help but think back on our past two encounters but i didn't want ty to know that that was on my mind. During one of the movies a hot sex scene came on which made me think about mine & his sessions even more. As the scene went on i couldn't help but wonder if ty was thinking about our past sessions as well. It didn't take long ...
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  • little dirty slut in new dress and 9"heels

    06/23/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny,
    I went and got a new hot pink dress and 9"pink heels to go out in. Got ready and went to a bar. When i went inside i was only white in there. Looking around i got a drink as a couple of sexy dark skinned guys came up asking if i was lost saying well no im in the right place smilling really big at them licking my lips. So they asked what i was looking for i looked down at there dicks smilling and said well youve got what im looking for right there. They told ...
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  • To kingofpucci

    06/22/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Angry,
    kingofpucci stole my fuckin pictures and using them to talk to gays and trans. I reported it to adultspace 3x but still no actions have been taken. So to all my real friends who know me and my pictures. Please help me stretch the issue and deal with this phony. Who knows u could be next... In a way I'm flattered that someone likes my art enough to steal it and call it their own. But upset about them using my shit without my permission. It also tells me a lot and a lot about them. Lmao ...
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  • Rally girls sucked my cock in public

    06/20/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Happy,
    Just got to tell ya that if you haven't been to The Republic of Texas bike rally you got to go. The fun happens in the camp ground all day and night for four day. One night I was sitting at my RV with the wife and four ladies stoped thier cart and one got between the wife's legs and started licking her cunt. the other three pulled my shorts off sucking my cock and putting thier pussy in my face for me to lick. This went on and seemed like forever. Before I cum I got up ...
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  • My new love

    06/14/2015 topic: Stories, mood: In Love,
    After years of playing hide & seek plus off & on relationships with other ppl we finally were able to link up. He picked me up from my house drove back to his place having good conversations.I can't stop looking at his chocolate body...mmm I can't help but get wet. He doesn't know that if he says all the right words he'll definitely get some pussy & head. 😊 We finally get to his place he unlocks his door let's me enter first. Ask me would like I like something to drink. I asked for water. He brings ...
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