• bloody murder

    09/21/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Drunk,
    Check this out,,I had a old friend come thru. She is like 5 yrz older than me so this some straight up vet pussy. She come thru sexy, all red on. I got her upstairs, took all that red of quick start locking the pussy. I say I got to stick my dick in you. She spread them legs wide. I'm beating that pussy up thinking she just wet, shiiit! She was bleeding everywhere, I said fuck it imma, hit this pussy, I mean it looked like a straight crime scene. Crazy...
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  • this is what I REALLY want, a lady friend....

    09/20/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Full of life,
    Yes I married, and my husband doesn't know I'm on this site... But this is what I really want. I want a female best friend relationship. Of course I want friendship first and then see what happens but if the attraction is there I want something to happen. I live in the San Francisco area and I'm always down for a good meet up... I'm pretty open minded so you have to be open minded to. ima happy person just looking for something I've always wanted to have! I Also have a son that just turned two ...
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  • What to do?

    09/15/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Lonely,
    I'm a 24 year old female and I'm dating this guy who is 30 ok we've been talking for a couple of months now and I really feel like I'm being used... Like he tells me he's into and he care about me but I'm not really feeling that way. Aslo he tells me that I want sex alot which I'm not understanding but ok idk then I'm the one that's always coming out of pocket with most things idk what to do anymore I wanna give a chance but if its already starting off this way I ...
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  • Lilith and the Royal Phallus

    09/06/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny, music: Sexual music..moans and hymns and humns in Unison!
    Sssssssss...yassss the very special vibration the infamous snake makes..with all its similar resemblance of a male organ..the slit at the top of the cobra head..the extense it can reach when provoked or excited.. the liquid it spits out very potent and acts in the same matter when coming into contact with its prey/partner.. that cry it gives the significant other in its presence.. cum! For you have feast your views on the bmBIG BLACK PURE GOLD PHALLUS OF ANCIENT ANCESTOR INHUMAN GODS OF EARTH!...
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  • Alcohol = Horny and Impulsive

    08/26/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Don't know,
    I go out to bars or a party at least once a week. Sometimes more. I have a blast, but lately I'm getting into way too many crazy situations. It's not always my fault, but sometimes I bring it on myself.

    If I have more than a couple beers/shots, I wind up taking off my clothes, talking about sex, and generally being inappropriate and horny. I usually get  my way, because guys get interested when a girl takes off her dress and is wearing nothing but a little thong. I'll spare you details, but you can imagine what kind

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