• welcoming her home

    08/30/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Horny, music:
    My wife has been gone for almost a month & just got back this past friday. I cannot express in words, how much i missed her. I had just gotten home from taking my son to daycare. I had been home ten minutes when i heard the front door open. "Baby im home," nioki called out from downstairs. I literally dropped what i was doing, ran down the stairs holding my pregnant belly, & hugged her as tight as i could. We kissed & held each other for several minutes, saying how much we missed each other. As ...
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  • Ass fuck

    08/29/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Lonely, music:
    I was home a lone today and I was Horny as hell so I got out my two dildos and I whet to town on my ass I fucked my ass so hard I cumed all over my chest just wish I can get the real thing sone and not a toy...
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  • boy next door

    08/28/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Horny, music:
    This is another story told to me by one of the other teens that i have started tutoring. Her name is Kasey. She might be a teenager, but she's stacked up like a grown ass woman. She not only turns the heads of guys & girls her age, but also grown females & males, especially her next door neighbor. He'd often watch her go on her morning & evening runs everyday & watch her swim in her backyard. Cody struck up conversations with her whenever he could. Last weekend, his parents had a barbeque for their family & ...
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  • Burned

    08/28/2014 topic: Stories, mood: Angry, music: Heart of the Ronin
    Burned, spurned, left for dead. Still staring out of a half lifeless eye, staring into heavens abyss. I pray for the sharp fromless void to consume my soul.....
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