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Title: R u that lucky lady i need for my cowboy?

1st  blog ever.
This is also our classified ad.


R u the lucky lady i need for my Cowboy?

This is wifey aka Kendrea, Cowboy is my husband D. I am seeking that lucky lady to take home to my husband, were you and d will "fuck, have sex, pleasure" whatever you prefer to call it. This is a no strings attached encounter. I (Wifey) will be watching, so must be comfortable with an audience lol it will not be any one other than us three there. This lucky lady will get the chance to satisfy my cowboy will I am


Choices: We All Have Them...

First things first: AS is a website, not a contract. This is no doubt a sex site, I fully understand that. What I don't understand, is why a lot of men get mad if a female isn't interested in fucking them?? Regardless of this being a sex site, there's no automatic guarantee that a woman or women u may want to fuck will want to fuck you... I have choices... I will choose IF n WHEN I want to fuck someone n I will also choose WHO I want to fuck. Doesn't matter if u have seen my


Homeboy Got Some

I stayed over at my boyfriend one week. While he was out running errands one day, one of his friends came over looking for him. He couldnt keep his eyes off me. When I opened the door, I was wearing short vneck top, booty shorts, and my heels. I had the lips glossed up and the girls was poking out my top. I smirked at him and told him he wasnt homr he had to go run somewhere and I was just heading out myself. I turned around to get my purse


Im simple

Fantasy : i want to come home and out of now whee you come up kiss me and push me against the wall then you lock my hands up in straps and tease then please then fuck me til i can't keep going then loosen the straps enough for you to climb up and feed me yours sweet juices...

couples single bi females

One day when I'm married && it's my husband's birthday , he gonna come home to me like this.... && then I'll have Rihanna Bday Cake on in the background.... like come here King Hubby, put your name on it....LOLOLOL <3...

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