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    03/23/2015 topic: Stories, music:
    +27736613276 The Abortion Pill: Medical Abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol What is the Medical Abortion?

    Medical abortion is a procedure that uses various medications to end a pregnancy. A medical abortion is started either in a doctor's office or at home with visits to your health care provider.

    Medical abortion doesn't require anaesthesia or surgery, but it should be done early in pregnancy. Unlike a surgical procedure, a medical abortion usually is done without entering the uterus.

    During the procedure Medical abortion can be done using the following medications:

    Oral mifepristone and oral misoprostol. This is the most common type of medical

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  • My freaky dream.

    03/22/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny, music:
    We are butt naked with u sittin on my face while i suck on ur pussy lips makin ur cum drip all ova my face and in my mouth. U bite ur lip begging fro more as i stick my tounge deep inside ur walls and take u to a well deserved bliss. U are horny as fuck and ur ready for me to bury my dick deep onto ur tight wet pussy. I bend u ova and rub the head of my long hard dick against ur drippin lips. Ur beggin me to stick it in so

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  • good morning

    02/25/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Full of life, music:
    Jim left for work and Tammy came over for coffee. We had such a nice visit this morning and she's coming over for dinner tonight. I had just got out of the shower only getting my hair and makeup done. So I just threw on my robe... as we visited and had coffee I was watching Tammy checking me out. I know back in the day she dated Jim and know she would still fuck him in a minute if I was out of the picture but she doesn't know I'm into three ways. I crossed

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  • eating pussy

    02/16/2015 topic: Stories, mood: Horny, music:
    I love eatin pussy. To start I always get the clit hard by sucking on it. I won't stop until my face is wet with pussy cum, stain my face with that creamy cum, pussy that has no taste has the sweetest cum. Let me eat that pussy while u stand up jus put it on my tongue, that's the freaky shit I like.......
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