• Take please

    08/10/2010 topic: Quiz/Survey, mood: Horny, music:
    Topic: Quiz/SurveyMood: Horny

    1 ) ur Name Is: ______

    2 ) How Old r uu: ______

    3 ) Fave Position: ______

    4 ) Do u think im hott: ______

    5 ) Wud u have sex with me: ______

    6 ) Liqhts On/Off: ______

    7 ) Wud u Have To Be Drunk: ______

    8 ) Wud u Take a Shower With Me: ______

    9 ) Has It Ever Crossed ure Mind Bout Us Havinq Sex: ______

    10 ) Wud u Leave Or Spend Tha Niqht: ______

    11 ) Wud u Wanna Cuddle After: ______

    12 ) With Condom Or without: ______

    13 ) Wud We Fuck On The First Date: ______

    14 )

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  • Quick sexy survey

    02/09/2012 topic: Quiz/Survey, mood: Drunk, music:
    Best way to make you cum? * my pussy is very sensitive, it doesn't take much. Playing with my clit, fucking me hard, even just playing with my nipples ill cum sometimes What's the one spot when kissed that gets you wet? *neck or legs Top, bottom, or doggy? *all is preferred :) Spit or swallow? * swallow.. why waste what I worked so hard for? Do you like the guy's hand on your head when giving him head? *yeah sometimes. I like when they take charge What outfit turns you on the most when YOU wear it and he plays

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    09/10/2008 topic: Quiz/Survey, mood: Full of life, music:
    So THANK YOU all for replying to me and letting me know where you like to CUM Got about 100 repsonses just today! PUSSY & TITS- tie Looks like these are the crowds favorite! And I know why! ASS/BACK- A hot shot to the ass is second favorite and for good reason! FACIAL- It seems like shooting it on the face is hot and popular, dripping down onto your body mmmm! THROAT/MOUTH- I'm not the only one who LOVES

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