• How to go about it

    06/04/2015 topic: Quiz/Survey,
    She's into watching me and I'm in to watching her. 
    What is a good way to let the right female/male know with out letting 
    the wrong people know.
    we get the vibe from a few people we know  but don't wanna ask 
    in case the vibe is wrong and it gets back to the group of people
    we all know.what r some ways to feel the situation out with out making awkward 
    or impossible to back pedal...
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  • Male and female

    06/04/2015 topic: Quiz/Survey,
    We want to hear stories about.
    Sleeping with friends boyfriend/girlfriend
    sleeping with boyfriend/girlfriends friend.
    unexspected sex,threesome,
    watching being watched, 
    close calls where almost couldn't stop ur self 
    shared with friend,boyfriend, girlfriend,...
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  • How far

    06/04/2015 topic: Quiz/Survey,
    1)your boyfriends friend sleeps Over on the couch in the middle of the
    night u walk out and catch him jerking off do u watch with out him knowing, 
    watch with him knowing, hop on and finish him,go back to bed like nothing happened 
    or wake ur man up?
    2) you catch you're boyfriends friend looking at u do you
    secretly bend over so he gets a good look at ur ass, bend over to show ur boobs,let him get a better view
    if you're pussy, get mad.
    3) if you had no chance of getting caught would you fuck his friend

    1) you're friends boyfriend

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