• Cumm here juicy mouf....

    08/07/2014 topic: Quiz/Survey, music:
    Sittn here n this warm cozy bed as thee rain falls wit my legs spread wide open side by side layn as I rub my my hands along my soft juicy body waiting 4 u 2 cumm n caress my thickness and taste what u have been waitn 4 oh daddii u know how we does it cause ur thee 1 this pussy craves aint no other out there that can release meeh juices like u does.....(Oh juicy mouf how much we need u)!!!!...
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  • Is it possible???

    06/11/2014 topic: Quiz/Survey, mood: Full of life, music:
    Do you agree that it's possible for a woman to be in love with more than one partner at the same time, without taking away from her primary relationship??

    Same for men...

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  • Slave Application

    05/25/2014 topic: Quiz/Survey, mood: Horny, music:
    Full name: Age: Ethnicity: Height: Weight: Measurments: Bra Size: Where do you live? Have you ever been a slave? Who was your previous owners? What were you made to do? Do you have any limits? What about being a slave turns you on? I want to make up a name that will tell the world that you are now mine... I will allow to come up the name at first and if I dont like it I will change it. What name are you going to come up with? Will you let me dress you? Do you have a camera? If so will you take pictures as proof for ...
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