• Q' for the guys

    10/04/2014 topic: Quiz/Survey, mood: Disapointed, music:

    So had a busy night last night I hooked up with a guy early in the evening and then found another guy later the first guy had cum inside me a couple times, he was a very heavy cummer and there was a lot.  I didn't tell the second guy that I hooked up earlier thinking he wouldn't know/care. Well he did notice and refused to fuck me. he just made me give him head and then he went on his way. So question for the guys now if you were the second guy would you have done the

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  • "Clits [that] look like little dicks"

    09/29/2014 topic: Quiz/Survey, mood: Full of life, music: Jackie Robinson ..."Pussyfooter"...
    So, Tell Me.
    What Exactly Is The Problem With

    ..."Clits [that] look like little dicks"... ???

    Me, Myself,
    I Think That Shit Is Sexy As Hell,
    and There Is Nothing "Suspect"
    About Me !!!

    Just My $0.02
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