• Looking from New Pornstar's

    09/15/2014 topic: Movies, TV, Celebrities, mood: Horny, music:
    K-S poduction here Memphis Tennessee we are currently looking for new models and new porn stars do yo do you know someone who may be interested in being a new model or a pornstar for our production if so would you please let me know and thanks for ur time...
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  • reasons I haven't found that special person

    08/24/2014 topic: Movies, TV, Celebrities, mood: High, music: drake
    Reason still looking for my bi girl and haven't found Basically not who they say or just can't be a real FRIEND first to ME without looking for come up what can I get from...looking for that one that I don't have to ask to add too...
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  • R.I.P. Robin Williams

    08/11/2014 topic: Movies, TV, Celebrities, music:
    Since this is a sex site, let's all pay tribute to Robin Williams by going to one of the usual video sites and watching his routine about Viagra and "Ladies, do we look like this?"...
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    06/29/2014 topic: Movies, TV, Celebrities, mood: Full of life, music: drake
    Hello interested in working with your company. I do fetish work non sexual. Host swinger parties. Porn (DEPENDING) boygirl. Yes bondage, girl girl yes,  solo erotic pics yes,  with clothes modeling (sports wears urban ethnic, glamour, and runway). Print shoots as well. role play- dominatrix. Real escorting non sexual events parties outings for promotions. Interviews. Shows these are my booking do's always email confirmations of flight how long weekend week month booked. Schedule events room or building address which I will be staying. Fee agreed upon in writing and email written. 10% of booking fee. Before arrival. I ...
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