• Oldschool R&B

    01/26/2015 topic: Music, mood: Horny, music:
    Biggie, Total ,En Vogue ETC...24 hot tracks 90's R&B Mix  PIck Up Yours Here>>...
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  • iggy really

    10/15/2014 topic: Music, music:
    Sooooo.. Il start by saying I understand I am a bit critical of todays rap act understand and embrace the fact that I called them rap acts not rappers alot of just aren't that I don't care about the accolades and awards doesn't mean a hill of beans to me because everyone is so fical nowadays when it comes to music its as if ppl don't care about the standard of music just so long as its new IE everyone is clamering to find a new artist. Ok now on to the subject of snoop lion and ...
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  • I'm Hella Gucci

    10/03/2014 topic: Music, mood: Disapointed, music: Middle Fingers
    Yo if you a backward Boy Dont put straight keep ya backward pussy on the lame side..wat the fuck is wrong you?? Try pussy get ya mind right..If u in a relationship. .no convo..stay loyal...
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