• I need you

    07/26/2014 topic: Music, music: Lil boosie
    Like a dope fen tha need his dope or a weed man tha don't got a chock I need you like a baby tha need to cry of you leave me I swear I die...dame I need you...
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  • Deep Thoughts

    07/09/2014 topic: Music, mood: Lonely, music: Mary J.... Missing You
    Things are definitely not the same....Who said they would always be! Maybe I was living in a fairytale dream knowing the side chick was ok. I would go to the end and back for you. Tried to make sure I was the fulfillment that you needed ONLY outside the home. All i ever asked for was to be truthful and share. Not without me. You clearly had other agendas. But why think of you any different look who I was???!!!!! Now bc of the person you always were my heart hurts and i always feel lonely without our ...
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  • Mirror/Mirror

    03/22/2014 topic: Music, mood: Disapointed, music: I'll Never Understand Music Demographics - ever again !
    I just got back from a road trip, wherein I was forced to listen to FM radio
    through 4 south of the Mason-Dixon line, (southern) states, and holy-dogshit !!!...
    What The Fuck Kind Of Alternate Universe Is This That I Find Myself,

    Justin Timberlake & Robin Thicke are the top "R&B" singers
    Eminem & Drake are the top "rappers"
    and Justin Bieber is a "bad-boy" ???

    ??? ...Do You See Where I'm Going With This ???
    Where Did OUR Music Go ??? ...
    "Black" Music
    ??? ...Where ???
    Not this corny ass "pop" bullshit being passed off as BLACK MUSIC nowadays !!!

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