09/23/2014 topic: Music, mood: Don't know, music: new new
    Anybody knew any websites that I can download new rap jams from.. I got to a few new ones I just found.. hit me up with a message.. I like rae sremmurd-"no type", spinking ft. Tyga "adult swim" hit me up tho.. I have a passion for new music. oh yeah, LATE'S.....
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  • I need you

    07/26/2014 topic: Music, music: Lil boosie
    Like a dope fen tha need his dope or a weed man tha don't got a chock I need you like a baby tha need to cry of you leave me I swear I die...dame I need you...
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  • Deep Thoughts

    07/09/2014 topic: Music, mood: Lonely, music: Mary J.... Missing You
    Things are definitely not the same....Who said they would always be! Maybe I was living in a fairytale dream knowing the side chick was ok. I would go to the end and back for you. Tried to make sure I was the fulfillment that you needed ONLY outside the home. All i ever asked for was to be truthful and share. Not without me. You clearly had other agendas. But why think of you any different look who I was???!!!!! Now bc of the person you always were my heart hurts and i always feel lonely without our ...
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